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Committed: Sat Dec 28 19:22:24 2013 UTC (6 years, 6 months ago) by tony
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Committing updates for Release R1-0-5
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1 IBX for Lazarus is derived from the Open Source edition of IBX published by Borland/Inprise in
2 2000 under the InterBase Public License. This version has been brought up-to-date by MWA Software
3 ( and focused on the Firebird Database API for both Linux and Windows
4 platforms. It is released under the InterBase Public License for the original code and under the
5 compatible Initial Developers Public License for new software.
7 See the "doc" directory for more information and installation instructions.
9 See the "changelog" for information on changes from previous releases
11 Bug Reports to:
13 mailto: