The IBControls

IBX 1.2 introduces a new Component Palette entry "Firebird Data Controls". This has three new data aware controls dependent on IBX and which make use of the SQL Parser also introduced in IBX 1.2.

 These are:

TIBLookupComboEditBox is a TDBLookupComboBox descendent that implements "autocomplete" of typed in text and "autoinsert" of new entries. Autocomplete uses SQL manipulation to revise the available list and restrict it to items that are prefixed by the typed text (either case sensitive or case insenstive). Autoinsert allows a newly typed entry to be added to the list dataset and included in the available list items.

TIBDynamicGrid is a TDBGrid descendent that provides for:

TIBTreeView is a data aware TCustomTreeView.

Examples are provided to illustrate the use of the new controls.