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1 This package provides MWA Software's Firebird Pascal API (fbintf). It is intended to provide
2 a standard set of Language Bindings between programs written for the Free Pascal
3 Compiler (FPC) and the Firebird Client API. Both the new Firebird 3 and the legacy
4 API are supported. From release 2.0.2 onwards, the Delphi Win32 compiler is also suported.
6 fbintf is released under the InterBase Public License for the original code and under the
7 compatible Initial Developers Public License for new software.
9 See the "doc" directory for more information, installation instructions and a full 80+ page
10 guide to the API. fbintf also comes with a comprehensive test suite. See doc/TestSuite.pdf
11 for more information.
13 See the "changelog" for information on changes from previous releases
15 mailto:
17 website:


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