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Revision: 23
Committed: Fri Mar 13 10:26:52 2015 UTC (6 years, 1 month ago) by tony
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Committing updates for Release R1-2-1
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1 tony 23 IBX Change Log version (1.2-1) Fri, 13 Mar 2015 11:14:15 +0000
3     1. A new IBControl - TDBControlGrid has been added. TDBControlGrid a lookalike
4     rather than a clone for the Delphi TDBCrtlGrid. TDBControlGrid is a single column grid
5     that replicates a TWinControl - typically a TPanel or a TFrame in each row. Each row
6     correspondes to a row of the linked DataSource. Any data aware control on the
7     replicated (e.g.) TPanel will then appear to have the appropriate value for the row.
9     2. As suggested by Julio Jiménez, a new property "SQLHourGlass" has been added to TIBDatabase.
10     When set to false (default true), the Hour Glass cursor is surpressed and no cursor change
11     takes place during database access. This may be useful when there are performance issues with
12     the change of cursor. Setting the property to false suppresses the change of cursor.
14     3. As suggested by Julio Jiménez, a new property "AutoCommit" has been added to TIBDataSet, TIBQuery
15     and TIBTable. When set to acCommitRetaining (Default: acDisabled), a call is made to
16     Transaction.CommitRetaining immediately after every Post or Delete. This has the effect of
17     making all changes permanent immediately rather than when the transaction is explicitly
18     committed.
20     4. Experiental support for the Firebird 3 SQL_BOOLEAN type has been added while still
21     using the legacy Firebird API.
23 tony 21 IBX Change Log version (1.2-0) Thu, 26 Feb 2015 10:34:04 +0000
25     1. An internal select SQL Parser is now available for TIBCustomDataset descendents.
26     This is typically used during an "OnBeforeOpen" event handler to manipulate the
27     "Where" and "Having" clauses to implement user specified filters of arbitrary
28     complexity.
30     2. A new Component Palette entry "Firebird Data Controls" is now available. This has
31     three new data aware controls dependent on IBX and which make use of the SQL Parser.
32     These are:
34     - TIBLookupComboEditBox
35     - TIBDynamicGrid
36     - TIBTreeview
38     TIBLookupComboEditBox is a TDBLookupComboBox descendent that implements "autocomplete"
39     of typed in text and "autoinsert" of new entries. Autocomplete uses SQL manipulation
40     to revise the available list and restrict it to items that are prefixed by the
41     typed text (either case sensitive or case insenstive). Autoinsert allows a
42     newly typed entry to be added to the list dataset and included in the available
43     list items.
45     TIBDynamicGrid is a TDBGrid descendent that provides for:
46     - automatic resizing of selected columns to fill the available row length
47     - automatic positioning and sizing of a "totals" control, typically at the
48     column footer, on a per column basis.
49     - DataSet resorting on header row click, sorting the dataset by the selected column.
50     A second click on the same header cell reversed the sort order.
51     - Support for a "Panel Editor". That is on clicking the indicator column, the row
52     is automatically expanded and a panel superimposed on it. The panel can have any
53     number of child controls, typically data aware controls with the same datasource
54     as the grid allowing for editing of additional fields and more complex editors.
55     - Reselection of the same row following resorting.
56     - A new cell editor that provides the same functionality as TIBLookupComboEditBox.
57     Its properties are specified on a per column basis and allows for one or more
58     columns to have their values selected from a list provided by a dataset.
59     Autocomplete and autoinsert are also available. The existing picklist editor
60     is unaffected by the extension.
62     TIBTreeView is a data aware TCustomTreeView.
64     3. When getting a field value using FieldByName.AsVariant, an SQL_INT64 with a
65     zero scale will no longer return an error. An Int64 will be returned instead.
67     4. TIBTransaction now has events for Before and After Transaction End and a new function
68     "GetEndAction" allowing the EndAction to be accessed by these event handlers.
70     5. TIBQuery can now handle correctly queries which contain the same keyword parameter
71     repeated multiple times.
73     6. TIBUpdateSQL will no longer return an error when "RowsAffected" is <> 1. This error
74     check used to get in the way of using Stored Procedures, and "Update or Insert"
75     statements.
77     7. Insert, Modify and Delete property Editors now support Query Generation from
78     Stored Procedures.
80     8. Three new examples illustrate the use of the new IB Controls
83 tony 19 IBX Change Log version (1.1-0) Mon, 07 Jul 2014 14:01:07 +0100
85     1. TIBXSQLVAR code clean up and optimisation to improve client side "prepare" and parameter
86     setting performance. See "readme.field+param.names in the doc folder.(Thanks to
87     Gabor Boros for reporting this problem and for testing the improvements).
89     2. IBX can now support dialect 3 quoted column names that contain spaces and which differ only in their case.
90     See readme.field+param.names in the doc folder.
92     3. IBX SQL Editors will now automatically add double quotes around column names when the database
93     dialect is "3" and the column name contains spaces or is a Firebird 2.5 SQL Reserved Word.
95     4. Param Type LargeInt now supported in TIBQuery and TIBStoredProc
97     5. TIBSQL.ExecQuery retry on failure removed to avoid problems with "at most once"
98     actions.
100     6. TIBTransaction.SetDefaultDatabase uses SetObjectProp instead of mis-using SetOrdProp (with
101     thanks to Yuriy Kopnin for pointing this out).
103     7. GenerateParamName is now a published property of TIBSQL, TIBQuery and TIBDataSet.
105     8. varWord, varShortInt and varInt64 added to TIBXSQLVAR.SetAsVariant and hence now available as variant types
106     for both fields and parameter setting.
108     9. Changes to the Select SQL in an IBCustomDataset descendent should now be
109     visible in the Fields Editor immediately afterwards - rather than only after cycling the "active" property.
111     10. TIBSQL SQL editor will operate correctly and not report an SQL syntax error on SQL test,
112     when DSQL ('?') parameter placeholders are used and the TIBSQL.GenerateParamNames property is set to true.
114     11. TIBTable now has a property editor for "MasterFields"
116     12. SQL Property Editors now include a checkbox "Allow DSQL Placeholder". This corresponds to the
117     GenerateParamNames property and should be set when using DSQL (i.e. '?') style parameters.
119     13. The IBTransaction editor now has a radio button ("Unspecified") which is set when the combination
120     of settings is unrecognised. Selecting this radio button has no effect on the settings.
123 tony 17 IBX Change Log version (1.0-5) Sat, 28 Dec 2013 19:22:23 +0000
125     1. TBookmark change conditional compile changed to >= 2.7.0 to match revised availability of change.
127 tony 15 IBX Change Log version (1.0-4) Thu, 28 Feb 2013 16:56:13 +0000
129     1. In a TIBCustomDataset descendent, a generator now only sets the value when
130     it is null. This allows for alternative user defined setting of the generator
132     Many thanks to Julio Jiménez for this fix
134     2. An Error Dialog is now displayed in the Lazarus IDE if IBX cannot find the Firebird Library
135     and suggests that the user may have forgotten to install it.
137 tony 13 IBX Change Log version (1.0-3) Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:53:39 +0000
139     1. Conditional compilation used to limit registration of TIntegerField to
140     Lazarus versions less than 1.1
142     2. When a database connection is created, character set is now by default set
143     to UTF8 (Unix) or to the current Windows code page (Windows) if in the range
144     1250 to 1254.
147 tony 11 IBX Change Log version (1.0-2) Tue, 09 Oct 2012 09:10:30 +0100
149     1. TBookmark change conditional compile changed to > 2.6.2 to match expected availability of change.
152 tony 9 IBX Change Log version (1.0-1) Sun, 05 Aug 2012 20:00:04 +0100
153 tony 7
154     1. In IBCustomDataset. Changed CurBookmark from string to TBookmark for compiler versions > 2.6.0
155     Necessary because of TBookmark type and TDataSet.Bookmark property change in fpc 2.7.1
157     2. IBX now registers TIntegerField as a "No Icon" component. This may be removed if the fpc DB
158     package is changed to do this (which it should do).
160     IBX Change Log version (1.0-0) Sat, 28 Apr 2012 16:43:00 +0100
162     1. Add "if active then active := false" to TIBCustomDataset destructor. (Avoid error on database close).
164     2. Make use of $STATIC conditional in IBSQLMonitor (Needed for FPC 2.6.0 compliance)
166     3. Database Property Editor: Character Set drop down box now uses "OnChange" rather than "OnCloseUp" to react to changes
168     4. Property editors should now correctly resize.
170     5. In IBDatabaseEdit.TestClick, the LoginPrompt is now set to the state of the LoginPrompt Checkbox
171     (restored original functionality)
173     6. Under OSX, if IBX fails to load libfbclient.dylib, it will now try and load the firebird
174     library using the absolute path /Library/Frameworks/Firebird.framework/Firebird.