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Revision: 293
Committed: Fri Apr 17 13:02:39 2020 UTC (12 months, 2 weeks ago) by tony
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Trim Generator name
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1 tony 293 IBX Change Log version (2.3-4 Build 12041) Fri, 17 Apr 2020 14:00:32 +0100
2 tony 287
3     1. TIBXDataSet and Generators: Generator Names that are not all upper case or
4     not SQL Identifiers are now supported.
6     2. TIBXScript: Set Generator is no longer rejected as unrecognised SQL and is
7     passed to the Firebird engine for execution.
9 tony 291 3. TIBDataSet: Unidirectional datasets now give an error message if an attempt
10     is made to scroll back.
12     4. New unit: IBMessages.pas. Contains only messages used by IBX and not FBIntf
14     5. TIBLookupComboEditBox: When generating auto-complete SQL, the ListField is now
15     only enclosed in double quotes in SQL dialect 3 and when it needs to be.
17     6. TIBLookupComboEditBox: when the list source opens, the ListField name is now
18     validated. If no match is found in the list of field names and the database has
19     been opened in SQL Dialect 3, then the ListField Name is converted to upper case
20     if it then matches a field name. Otherwise, a Listfield not valid exception occurs.
22     7. IBGeneratoreditor.pas: Add missing parenthesis around "IS" statement for compliance
23     with fpc 3.2.
25 tony 280 IBX Change Log version (2.3-3 Build 11512) Fri, 28 Dec 2018 10:04:17 +0000
26 tony 266
27 tony 272
28 tony 267 1. New property for TIBDatabase and TIBXServicesConnection. This is "ConfigOverrides"
29     and is used to override the default settings in the client side "firebird.conf" This
30     includes "WireCompression" and "WireCrypt". The value of this property is a "TStrings".
31     Each line of the string list should be a setting in the same format as "firebird.conf".
32     For example "WireCompression = true" in order to request wire compression on the client side.
33 tony 266
34 tony 267 Note: explicit settings in the client side "firebird.conf" appear to take precedence
35     over settings given in TIBDatabase and TIBXServicesConnection. Many client side settings
36     also require a compatible setting in the server side "firebird.conf". For example
37     "WireCompression = true" must also be set in the server's "firebird.conf" for wire
38     compression to be used.
39 tony 266
40 tony 267 Whether or not WireCompression or WireCrypt are in use can be checked using the information
41     returned with the Client/Server protocol version. See ibx/examples/dbadmin and
42     ibx/examples/dbinfo for examples of how to display this information.
43 tony 263
44 tony 267 2. New property for TIBDatabase and TIBXServicesConnection: "WireCompression". This
45     is a "convenience" property. If set the "WireCompression=true" is added to the
46     ConfigOverrides. If unchecked then this setting is removed.
48 tony 270 3. TIBExtract: 64-bit integer types are now correctly extracted as "BIGINT" and
49     not "INT64".
51     4. New published properties for TIBCSVDataOut, TIBInsertStmtsOut and TIBBlockFormatOut
52     These are:
53     property TimestampFormat: string;
54     property DateFormat: string;
55     property TimeFormat: string;
57     Respectively, these provide the date time format templates for SQL types: TIMESTAMP,
58     DATETIME and TIME. The format strings use the standard FPC date/time format
59     characters (see
61     If any of the above properties are set to an empty string, then the locale default
62     is used. This uses the ShortDateFormat and the LongTimeFormat. In timestamp, the
63     locale default is extended by appending '.zzz' to include milliseconds.
65     TIBCSVDataOut by default sets these properties to the empty string, while the other
66     two use: ' hh:nn:ss.zzz', '' and 'hh:nn:ss.zzz' respectively.
68     5. New published property for TIBCSVDataOut:
69     property QuoteStrings: boolean (default true)
71     If false then strings are unquoted, otherwise, the QuoteChar property value is
72     used to delimit each and every string in the output.
74     6. New published properties for TIBCSVDataOut:
75     property FieldSeparator: string;
76     property HeaderSeparator: string;
78     Respectively, these provide the separator character(s) used to separate fields
79     in data and header rows. Both default to ','.
81     7. New published properties for TIBCSVDataOut and TIBBlockFormatOut:
82     TOnFormatTextString = procedure(sender: TObject; var TextString: string) of object;
83     property OnFormatTextString;
85     This event handler can be used to process text strings before they are included
86     in the output e.g. to replace unprintable characters with alternative strings.
87     This only applies to columns with an SQL Type of SQL_VARYING and SQL_TEXT.
89     8. TIBDataSet now raises an exception when ParamByName called with an invalid parameter name.
90 tony 272 Uses "FindParam" if in order to find out if a parameter with a given name exists
91     and without raising and exception if it does not.
92 tony 270
93 tony 272 9. TIBQuery now uses IBX SQL Parser instead of the TParams SQL parser in order to ensure
94 tony 270 consistency with SQL queries.
96     10. CaseSensitiveParameterNames property added to TIBSQL, TIBDataSet and TIBQuery.
97     When true, SQL statement parameter names are parsed case sensitive. Note for
98     TIBDataSet only applies to Select query.
100 tony 271 11. IBEvents: removing a TIBEvent component from a form should no longer result in
101     an IDE exception.
103 tony 272 12. LocalDBSupport: initial database creation should now work correctly
104     when the schema source is an sql file.
106     13. TIBCMLocalDBSupport: new event handler "property OnProgressEvent: TOnProgressEvent"
107     when defined, this handler will be called by the internal TIBXScript during
108     initial database creation when the schema source is an sql file and may be used
109     to provide a visual indication of progress in console mode.
111     14. TCustomIBLocalDBSupport: new public property "InOnCreateDB: boolean". This is set
112     to true while a new local database is being created and its schema populated.
113     Useful in (e.g.) TIBDatabase.OnAfterConnect handler to suppress actions
114     when the database is disconnected/connected during the create DB procedure.
116     15. TIBXScript: any User/password parameters found in a CREATE DATABASE statement
117     are now always ignored and replaced by the user name and password provided as
118     the login parameters for the TIBDatabase referenced from the TIBXScript. The
119     IgnoreCreateDatabase property still applies and the CREATE DATABASE statement is
120     completely ignored if this property is true.
122     16. Code tidyup in IBTreeView: Node properties initialisation moved from TIBTreeView.AddNodes
123     to TIBTreeView.Added. An OnAddition event handler is no longer needed to initialise
124     ImageIndex and SelectImageIndex values on AddNode.
126     17. TIBDatabase.Attachment and TIBXServicesConnection.ServicesIntf properties are now
127     read/write. This should enabled (e.g.) multiple instances of TIBDatabase to share
128     the same database connection.
130     18. TIBDataSet and TIBQuery now support the TDataSet "Filter" property.
131     if provided, this should be an conditional SQL expression suitable for
132     including in an SQL Select statement "where" clause. If non-empty and the
133     "Filtered" property is true then the SQL expression provided as the value of
134     the "Filter" property is "ANDed" with any existing condition statement
135     in the SQL statement's "Where" clause.
137     If the "Filter" property is set at run time, the "Filtered" property is true
138     and the dataset is already open, then the dataset is closed and re-opened automatically.
140     The "Filter" condition may include IBX style parameters. In which case, their
141     value must be set by the dataset's "OnBeforeOpen" event handler.
143     This is a public property for TIBDataSet and TIBQuery query and intended for
144     use at run time.
146     Note: The property is a published property of TIBTable. The TIBTable functionality
147     is unaffected by this change.
149 tony 267 IBX Change Log version (2.3-2) Wed, 05 Dec 2018 12:19:23 +0000
151 tony 263 1. Remove need to check for IsMultiThread by providing access to GUI timers via
152     IBGUIInterface. Note: master/detail delay timer does not apply to console
153     mode apps.
155     2. TIBCustomDataSet: SQLParser ignored if it does not contain a valid select
156     statement. This avoids problems if "Execute Block" is used as the Query.
158     3. IBSQLParser now uses the common SQL tokeniser from fbintf. This replaces the
159     internal SQL tokeniser routines.
161     4. IBSQLParser: new property NotaSelectStmt. Set to true if SQL fails to parse
162     as a select statement, with or without CTEs.
164     5. IBSQLParser: parser now recognises the "ROWS" clause.
166     6. TIBXScript now uses the common SQL tokeniser from fbintf. This replaces the
167     internal SQL tokeniser routines.
169     7. Fix error in TIBXScript processing of "set" statements. This avoids exceptions
170     being raised for valid set statements processed by a data formatter.
172     8. New published property for TIBDatabase and TIBXServicesConnection. This is
173     FirebirdLibraryPathName: string. If not empty it is used to explicitly specify
174     the path of the Firebird Library used by the database/services connection.
176     9. New read only public property for TIBDatabase and TIBXServicesConnection. This
177     is FirebirdAPI and returns the IFirebirdAPI interface used by the database/
178     services connection.
180     10.SQL Property editors now quote parameter names if "Quote identifier" is selected
181     or param name is not a valid SQL identifier.
183     11. IBLookupComboEditBox: In Lazarus 2.0, TDBLookupComboBox takes a more restrictive
184     view of whether the text box should be editable when no DataSource is specified.
185     TIBLookupComboEditBox has been updated to workaround this problem. As long as
186     ReadOnly is false, the text box is editable when no DataSource is specified.
188     12. AllowUseOfFBLIB is now set to "true" at design time. This is to allow use of
189     the FBLIB environment variable. If you do not want to permit this then you
190     must modify the Register procedure in the design/IBDBReg.pas unit to remove
191     this setting.
193 tony 241 IBX Change Log version (2.3-1) Thu, 25 Oct 2018 14:39:45 +0100
195     1. IBCustomDataset: replace deprecated function ValidUTF8String with call to
196     Utf8EscapeControlChars
198 tony 232 IBX Change Log version (2.3-0) Mon, 16 Apr 2018 09:48:06 +0100
199 tony 101
200 tony 209 IMPORTANT: the source code tree has been re-organised for IBX 2.3. Please remove
201     all previous copies of the IBX source code tree before installing this release.
203     The IBX packages used by most users have not changed, with one exception. The
204     IBServices unit has been moved to the package iblegacyServices.lpk. To continue
205     to use the IBServices unit in your applications, please add the iblegacyServices
206     to the list of dependencies. To do this, open the Project Inspector and select
207     Add->New Requirement and select "ibLegacyServices" from the list of available
208     packages.
210     1. New unit IBXServices. The IBXServices unit is a re-architectured update of
211     the IBServices unit providing what is intended to be a clearer and easier to
212     use set of IB Services components. See Chapter 10 of the IBX User Guide for
213     more information and the guide to "Firebird Service Management Using IBX".
214     As indicated above, the legacy services components are still available and
215     provided in a separate package. There is no need to update working applications
216     using the older versions except for an additional package dependency.
218     2. The IBX packages and source code tree have been re-organised in an attempt to
219     finally get rid of the "duplicate ppu" warnings. This re-organisation should
220     not affect existing users. Section 2.3 of the IBX User Guide describes the
221     new set of IBX packages.
223     3. The ibx/examples/DBAdmin and the ibx/examples/services example have been
224     updated to use the new Services API components.
226     4. The iblocal package has been updated to use the new Services API components.
228     5. procedure SetAutoAdmin; in the new IBX Services this method is now a member of
229     TIBXSecurityService. It had been wrongly classified in the previous version
230     as a per database configuration item. It is global to a server and hence
231     correctly positioned as part of the Security Package. In the DBAdmin example,
232     the setting has moved to the mappings page.
234     6. TIBXScript: IgnoreCreateDatabase added. If true then CREATE DATABASE statements
235     are ignored.
237     7. TIBDatabase: DropDatabase now ensures that all transactions have been properly
238     closed before the database is dropped. Before and After Disconnect event handlers
239     are also fired.
241     8. TIBTransaction: OnStartTransaction event now fires every time the transaction
242     is started and not just the first time.
244     9. IBDataOutput: Use FormatFloat for all performance statistics to avoid platform
245     depenendency with comp type.
247     10. IBDataOutput: select query data output is now sent to stdout instead of stderr.
249     11. TIBDatabase: Remove regression. If a user login dialog changes the DatabaseName
250     then this is recognised and not ignored.
252     12. TIBDataSet, TIBQuery, TIBTable: additions:
253     function GetRowsAffected(var SelectCount, InsertCount, UpdateCount, DeleteCount: integer): boolean;
254     function GetPerfStatistics(var stats: TPerfCounters): boolean;
255     property EnableStatistics: boolean read FEnableStatistics write SetEnableStatistics;
257     GetRowsAffected returns the affected row counts from the last insert/update/delete
258     if EnableStatistics = true then GetPerfStatistics returns the current stats
259     counters for the select query. Note: stats accumulate after each fetch from
260     the database. To get total query cost after open, call the "Last" method
261     and then GetPerfStatistics.
263     See ibx/examples/consolemode for an example of the use of GetPerfStatistics
265     13. TIBExtract: Identity columns DDL. "Start with clause" now correctly encapsulated
266     in parenthesises.
268     14. TIBExtract: new published property "AlwaysQuoteIdentifiers". If true then in dialect 3
269     SQL identifiers are always delimited by double quotes. If false, then they are
270     only delimited if the identifier is a reserved word, contains lower case or special
271     characters. Set this property to true to retain previous behaviour.
273     15. Insert SQL Property Editor. In Insert Returning Clause, Identity column names
274     are now inserted in double quotes if not Reserved Words or valid SQL Identifiers.
276     16. TIBDataSet, TIBQuery, TIBTable: addition:
277     property MasterDetailDelay: integer {defaults to zero}
279     When non-zero and the dataset is a detail table referencing a master table
280     through either a MasterSource (TIBTable) or a DataSource (TIBDataSet, TIBQuery)
281     then a synchronisation delay is added (in milliseconds) between the master
282     row changing and the detail dataset being re-opened. If the master dataset
283     is scrolled before the delay expires then the delay is reset. This can be used
284     to avoid performance overheads when scrolling through a large master dataset.
286     Note: uses fptimer and hence requires a thread manager. Under Linux the
287     chreads unit must be included in your project. TTimer is not used in order
288 tony 213 to avoid an LCL dependency. Requires FPC 3.0.2 or later.
289 tony 209
290     17. TIBExtract: User role grants now excluded when etGrantsToUser not specified
291     with Extract Option eoDatabase.
293     18. TIBLookupComboEditBox: Workaround added for
294 tony 225 When a deLayoutChanged event is reported on the ListSource dataset, the
295 tony 209 combobox text is updated. This allows a listsource (detail) to be in a Master/Detail
296     relationship with the control's datasource (master).
298 tony 221 19. TIBExtract: Full BigInt value range now supported for Generators/Sequences.
300 tony 226 20. TIBExtract: Select Procedures (Procedure type 1) now include "SUSPEND;" clause in their
301 tony 221 stubs. Pedantic fix really, as procedures output in dependency order anyway.
303 tony 226 21. TIBExtract: Package Headers and Package Bodies are now included in the extracted
304 tony 221 DDL (Firebird 3 and later only).
306 tony 225 22. TIBLookupComboBox Autocomplete Fixes:
307     i. Only appended text is now selected after autocomplete.
308     ii. Uppercase keys no longer ignored for autocomplete.
309     iii. Retain Prefix case is now honoured correctly.
310     iv. When a DataSource is assigned, typing after autocomplete now extends prefix
311     before autocomplete performed. i.e. behaviour now the same as when
312     no DataSource assigned.
314 tony 226 23. TIBXScript: Single Line Comments starting with '--' are now ignored when occurring
315 tony 225 between SQL statements.
317     24. TIBExtract: New published property CaseSensitiveObjectNames. If false (default) then
318     ObjectNames are converted to upper case before matching against metadata object
319     names, unless the objectname is delimited by double quotes, in which case, the
320     double quotes are removed and the remaining string is used (unmodified) to match
321     against the metadata object name.
323     If true then the ObjectName is used as is without modification and matched
324     against the metadata object name. No attempt is made to remove double quotes.
326 tony 226 25. TIBExtract: New Extract Types: etDatabaseTriggers and etDDLTriggers. When used
327     with eoTrigger, these extract types can be used to select only Database Triggers,
328     or DDL Triggers or both. Ignored when etTable or etTrigger included in Extract Types.
330 tony 227 26. TIBXScript: If an exception occurs during the processing of a statement, the
331     statement separate character is now reset to the default (';').
333 tony 229 27. TIBDatabase: Reconnect method added and used by TIBXScript for reconnect.
335     28. TIBXScript: Transaction is no longer automatically reactivated immediately processing
336     a commit or reconnect statement and instead activated only when next SQL statement
337     is executed.
339     29. TIBSQL.HasField should no longer generate and exception when the field does not exist.
341     30. TIBXScript: case insensitive regex now used when matching statements instead of
342     converting statement to upper case.
344     31. TIBExtract: metadata comments now supported. New published property
345     IncludeMetaDataComments (default true). If true then metadata comments included
346     in extracted DDL. New Extract Object member eoComments. This may be used with
347     ExtractObject method to list all metadata comments.
349     32. TIBExtract: ListObjectNames method added.
351 tony 231 33. Updated Database component editor to support additional connection string
352     types.
354 tony 209 IBX Change Log version (2.2-0) Wed, 28 Feb 2018 10:57:45 +0000
358 tony 151 RELEASE.
362 tony 107 1. IBExtract: Identity columns - add additional check for null column for generator name.
363 tony 101
364     2. IBCustomDataSet: Insert and Modify (Update) queries now recognise and process SQL RETURNING clauses.
365     The main use for this is for Firebird 3 Identity columns (see IBXDocumentation 6.6.8 for further
366 tony 107 information). However, this is also a very useful mechanism for returning updated computed by
367     column values. Values returned as a result of executing an Insert or Update statement
368     replace existing values in the current row for each corresponding column.
369 tony 101
370 tony 107 Previously, if a dataset's select query included read only (computed by) fields then
371     an automatic row refresh was performed after an insert or update query had been processed,
372     irrespective of the setting of the "ForcedUpdates" property. This has changed such
373     that an automatic refresh is no longer performed if an insert or update query contains
374     a returning clause that updates one or more fields on the current row. A full row
375     refresh is only performed if (a) ForcedRefresh is true or (b) the query does not return any
376     field values and the select query contains read only fields. Use of Insert/update
377 tony 123 returning should be significantly more efficient than executing a refresh query.
378 tony 107
379     This behaviour change is intended to be backwards compatible and there should be no need to change
380     existing programs, other than to improve performance by using the new capability.
382 tony 118 3. IBCustomDataSet: DELETE...RETURNING queries are now also recognised. However, as
383     they are called when the dataset row is being deleted, there is no value in
384     updating the current record from the query result. Instead, a new event handler
385     "OnDeleteReturning" is provided. If a DELETE...RETURNING query is execute and
386     an OnDeleteReturning event handler is provided then it is called with the IResults returned
387     by the query. The event handler can then interrogate the query results and
388     perform whatever action is necessary. For example to confirm, to the user,
389     the deletion of a row with the returned values.
391     4. TIBTable: generated Insert and Update SQL now include a RETURNING clause for
392 tony 107 any Computed By or Identity Columns. The IBTables example has been updated to
393     illustrate the computation of the employee Full Name on update.
395 tony 118 5. TIBTable: The GeneratorField property is now published.
396 tony 107
397 tony 118 6. The InsertSQL property editor now shows Firebird 3 Identity columns separate from the Field List.
398 tony 101 When InsertSQL is generated, the Identity columns are not included in the list of values to
399     be inserted. A RETURNING clause is added to the insert statement to return the value of
400     each Identity column after the insert is executed.
402 tony 118 7. The Modify Property Editor now generates Update SQL with Computed By fields in Update..Returning clause.
403 tony 107 Similarly Insert Property Editor now generates Insert SQL with Computed By fields in
404     Insert..Returning clause.
405 tony 104
406 tony 118 8. TIBGenerator: small performance improvement by not preparing query each time
407 tony 107 a new value is generated.
408 tony 104
409 tony 118 9. TIBSQL: Free resources when transaction changed - ensures new transaction is used.
410 tony 107
411 tony 118 10. Property editors will now sync table name to a System Table when "Include System
412     Tables" is selected and the query is for a System Table.
413 tony 105
414 tony 118 11. Minor Performance improvement to handling of Date/Time types in IBX datasets. Field
415 tony 107 values are no longer converted to milliseconds from TDateTime and then back again
416     to TDateTime (the conversion to milliseconds is the default TDataset approach).
417 tony 105
418 tony 118 12. Property Editors handling of Stored Procedures.
419 tony 107 * Select and Refresh: only show a list of stored procedures that return multiple rows (proc type 1) and
420     which have a non-empty list of output parameters (i.e. stored procedures that may be used in a select
421     query).
422     * Modify and Insert: only show a list of stored procedures that return at most a singleton row (proc type 2).
423 tony 106
424 tony 118 13. IBStoredProc: Now supports Firebird 3 Package Names. A new published property PackageName
425 tony 107 can be used to select a package. If non-empty, the stored procedure name is
426     expected to be a stored procedure defined in the specified package and the
427     generated SQL will be as required for a stored procedure located in a package.
429 tony 118 14. Select, Refresh, Insert, Modify, Delete and TIBSQL SQL Property Editors now include
430 tony 107 a "Package Name" drop down box to allow selection of a Firebird 3 Package from
431     which a stored procedure can be selected. With no package name selected, non-package
432     stored procedures are listed.
434 tony 118 15. TIBXScript: turn off database login prompt when reconnecting - this avoids prompting
435 tony 109 for password on reconnect.
436 tony 107
437 tony 143 16. TIBDatabase: use IAttachment for connection default character set id, code page
438 tony 118 and character set name.
439 tony 109
440 tony 118 17. TIBDatabaseInfo: cache ODS Version information on first request in order to minimise
441     DB info lookups"
443 tony 143 18. IBExtract: now supports DDL Triggers and Grants to DDL objects.
444 tony 118
445 tony 127 19. Add a property Editor for TIBUpdate.RefreshSQL.
446 tony 118
447 tony 139 20. IBUpdate: Ignore non-data (e.g. calculated) fields when assembling list of input
448     parameters. This stops an exception being raised when the field cannot be
449     located in the record buffer.
450 tony 127
451 tony 141 21. Property Editors now automatically include System Tables when opened and when the query table
452     is a System Table.
453 tony 139
454 tony 150 22. IBServices: SQRB and SRB buffers are now reset when service query throws an exception.
455 tony 143 This avoids errors due to a stale SQRB or SRB being used for the next query.
456 tony 141
457 tony 143 23. IBServices: Service attach parameters now include "expected_db". This is used to
458     add the SPB item isc_spb_expected_db. This names a database using
459     an alternative Security Database (FB3 onwards) and allows (e.g. backup/restore) using such a
460     database. examples/services re-written to illustrate use of "expected_db".
461 tony 141
462 tony 143 24. IBServices: TIBControlAndQueryService.WriteNextChunk no longer ignores isc_info_svc_timeout.
463     This avoids truncated backups when the server returns a timeout (busy) response.
465     25. TIBDatabase: isc_dpb_page_size now supported as a database parameter when using TIBDatabase.CreateDatabase.
467     26. TIBDatabase: DatabaseName property may now be prefixed by $TEMP$ or $DATADIR$ for local
468     databasenames. These are respectively expanded to the local system's temp directory
469 tony 150 (including trailing delimiter) or to a prescribed data directory (including
470 tony 143 trailing delimiter). Under Unix systems the data directory is a hidden directory
471     in the user's home directory. The hidden directory name is either the string returned
472     from the SysUtils "Vendor Name" or "IBX" if empty. In either case prefixed by a '.'.
473     Under Windows, the directory is the same as the Data Directory as decribed
474     above but instead prefixed by the User's application data path. These may be
475 tony 150 used to improve application portability for Personal Databases.
476 tony 143
477     27. TIBTable: FieldDefs property is no longer published. Due to the use of TIBFieldDef
478     this has not worked for a long time and is not useful either. FieldDefs should be
479     managed using the Fields Editor as with any other dataset. To access the fields
480     editor for a TIBTable component, double click on the component. The fields editor
481     is then displayed.
483     28. TIBDatabaseInfo: new properties/function
484     * DateDBCreated (returns date/time database created)
485     * TransactionCount (returns no. of active transactions)
486     * GetDatabasePage(PageNo: integer) (returns contents of specified database page - SYSDBA only).
487     * PagesFree (Firebird 3 or later)
488     * PagesUsed (Firebird 3 or later)
489     * Encrypted (returns true if database encrypted. (Firebird 3.0.3 or later only)
490     * EncryptionKeyName (returns the name of the encryption key if any (Firebird 3.0.3 or later only)
492     29. IBServices classes now provided the decoded release number in the (array) property ServerVersionNo.
494     30. TIBSecurityService now supports display/modification of the User Admin Role (Firebird 2.5 and later).
496     31. TIBConfigService now has a procedure SetAutoAdmin(Value: boolean) to enable/disable
497     the automtic mapping of privileged OS users to the RDB$ADMIN role (Firebird 2.5 and later).
499     32. TIBBackupService: New Option - NoDBTriggers equivalent to -nodbtriggers switch introduced
500     in the gbak utility at V.2.1 to prevent database-level and transaction-level triggers from
501     firing during backup and restore.
503     33. Both TIBBackupService and TIBRestoreService now support backup/restore statistics options
504     for verbose output using the new property "StatisticsRequested".
505     see
507     34. TIBRestoreService: now supports new options RestoreMetaDataOnly (Firebird 2.5 and later).
509     35. TIBOnlineValidationService component added to the IBServices and the "Firebird Admin"
510     palette. This uses the online validation feature added in Firebird 2.5. The
511     services's properties enable inclusion/exclusion of tables and indexes using
512     regular expressions. See.
515     36. IBServices: procedure TIBConfigService.SetNoLinger added to set no linger
516     option on a database.
518     37. TIBCustomService: Assign method implemented to allow copying of service login
519     context between service API components. "Detach" method now only detaches
520     service when last reference to the service interface detaches. Tidy up of
521     code for SetActive and Attach methods including password hiding.
523 tony 150 38. TIBDatabase: new properties: AuthenticationMethod and RemoteProtocol. Read only
524 tony 143 and used to determine the auth method and protocol used for the connection.
526     39. TIBDatabase: ensure that SQLDialect setting is used when creating a database using
527     a Create Database Statement generated by IBX.
529     40. All IBServices now have an additional published property "PortNo". This may
530     be set to a non-standard port number when necessary. If zero then the default
531     port number is used.
533     41: TIBLookupComboeditBox: Ensure dataset updated when change selected with the keyboard
534     and not just the mouse.
536     42. TIBCustomDataset: reopen query if already active when a TIBControlLink is added.
538     43. TIBTreeview: new ImageIndexField and SelectedIndexField Property allows the
539     image index and selected image index for each node to be set from a database field.
541     44. TIBExtract: new extract type (etGrantsToUser) for use with eoDatabase. If included
542     then database schema includes grants to all users. If not present then the
543     only user grants included are those to User PUBLIC.
545     45. TIBTreeView: performance improvement. When expanding include both expanded node
546     and child nodes in dataset.
549 tony 90 IBX Change Log version (2.1-0) Fri, 15 Dec 2017 12:20:11 +0000
550 tony 56
551     1. IBCustomDataset: Minor change of PChar to PByte for compatibility with fbintf
552     changes.
554 tony 58 2. IBCustomDataset: Fixed use of incorrect datasize in TIBStringField.SetAsString.
555     Bug could result in truncated multi-byte character set values.
557 tony 60 3. Changes consequential on moving fbintf character set utility functions from
558     IFirebirdAPI to IAttachment.
560 tony 62 4. Avoid "Object is nil" error when opening a database with DefaultSystemCodePage = true
562 tony 64 5. IBLookupComboEditBox: avoid race condition when autocompleting text that occasionally
563     results in autocomplete ignoring prefix text.
565 tony 65 6. IBLookupComboEditBox: Ensure that cursor is not reset to start of text when
566     entering a new name into the text box.
568 tony 66 7. IBCustomDataset: ensure that TIBStringField uses the field size reported by
569     Firebird rather than recomputing it.
571 tony 67 8. Property Editor positioning tidy up: All IBX Property editors should now be
572     screen centre. Previously some were "poDesigned" which may be inappropriate
573     for multi monitor desktops.
575 tony 80 10. TIBTreeView.FindNode: protect against error if zero length path or empty tree node.
577     11. TIBTransaction: On Force Disconnect do not raise an exception when problem ending
578     a transaction and always reset the object.
580     12. TIBQuery tidyup: remove unnecessary call to GetAffectedRows.
582     13. TIBXScript: Allow for override of database filename in Create Database statements.
584     14. IBLocaldb: Support initialisation of the database from an SQL script in addition
585     to a gbak format archive.
587     15. IBLocaldb: fix problem that stopped the OnSharedDataDir event from being recognised.
589     16. IBLocaldb: Drop database if error creating an empty database.
591     17. TIBTreeView: improve performance when selecting node - avoid refreshing dataset
592     unless selected node not in current dataset.
594     18. IBServices: SetDBParams method moved from TCustomIBLocalDBSupport (in IBLocalDB package)
595     to TIBCustomService, and IBlocalDB code tidy up.
597     19. IBTreeView: Initialise TIBTreeNode KeyValue to null to avoid unpredictable
598     behaviour due to uninitialised variable.
600     20. IBServices: Correct encoding of isc_spb_prp_write_mode in TIBConfigService from
601     integer to byte. Ditto isc_spb_prp_reserve_space and isc_spb_prp_access_mode.
603     21. IBSQL: When Database changed ensure that all resources are freed.
605     22. IBCustomDataset: When database changed ensure that queries an unprepared.
607 tony 84 23. SQL Property Editors now use SynEdit with SQL Highlighter. New features include:
608     * Line Wrap on SQL Token boundaries (on user command)
609     * auto-complete table names in drop down list of table names
610     * Double click on tablename or field name adds to SQL text
611 tony 80
612     24. IBDataOutput: print statistics using float (%f) format instead of decimal (%d).
614     25. IBTreeView: Call to FindNode: param type change from "array of Variant" to
615     TVariantArray. Seems to avoid memory corruption in Windows (probably a
616     workaround for a problem in fpc 3.0.4 win64).
618     26. IBDatabaseInfo: Code tidy up. Add check for database not assigned or not open.
620 tony 83 27. IBDatabaseInfo: Remove memory leak when accessing database operation counts.
622 tony 51 IBX Change Log version (2.0-2) Fri, 24 Feb 2017 12:17:53 +0000
623 tony 49
624 tony 51 1. TIBDatabase.CreateDatabase: extract full DB Name from SQL using reg ex in order to
625 tony 49 include remote system name.
627     2. TIBExtract: No longer include comment header and COMMIT statement for empty
628     tables when data included in output.
630     3. Profiling: IBSQL now has conditional compilation flags to enable query performance
631     and timing information to be written to stdout. This may be used to locate
632     performance bottlenecks.
634     4. SQLParser: only call "OnChanging" event handler when value is different.
636     5. IBDynamicGrid: Update handling of navigation keys for a TDateEdit
638 tony 50 6. IBCustomDataset: Set internalunprepared flag when transaction ends. This ensures
639     that BindFields is called when the query is next activated. Avoids FieldName
640     not found error.
642 tony 80 7. IBUpdate: This is a new IBX component similar to TIBUpdateSQL. It is more general
643     purpose and allows the programmer to define any action they want for Update, Insert
644     or Delete. This may be complex SQL (similar to a Trigger), application specific
645     filtering of updates, or use of statements such as Grant or Revoke instead of
646     normal DML. See User Manual for more information.
648 tony 47 IBX Change Log version (2.0-1) Mon, 09 Jan 2017 15:31:49 +0000
649 tony 45
650 tony 47 1. TIBEvents: Fix uninitialised variable that could result in lost events.
651 tony 45
652 tony 47 2. TIBExtract: Added support for FB3 "USAGE" privilege.
654     3. TIBExtract: data formatted as Charset set "octets" is now output using
655     hexadecimal notation.
657     4. TIBExtract: Binary Blobs and array data can now be embedded in INSERT statements
658     using a simple XML format.
660     5. TIBExtract: extract of individual Triggers and Stored Procedures can now include
661     grants to these objects.
663     6. TIBExtract: Stored Procedures and Views output in dependency order to avoid
664     dependency problems restoring complex databases.
666     7. TIBXScript: This component has been restructured to allow for the processing of
667     embedded XML in INSERT statements and to support interactive sources in addition
668     to non-interactive data sources such as files.
670     8. TIBXScript: CREATE DATABASE, DROP DATABASE, CONNECT statements are now supported.
672     9. TIBXScript: ISQL compatiable Set statements are now supported:
674     SET TERM
676     SET BAIL
677     SET ECHO
678     SET COUNT
679     SET STATS
680     SET NAMES <character set>
682     10. IBVersion unit added to hold current IBX Version Number information.
684     11. TIBExtract: Use character rather than byte length for VarChar procedure arguments.,
685     and domain definitions.
687     12. TIBExtract: Triggers now use SQL2003 syntax and database and transaction triggers
688     fully supported.
690     13. TIBExtract: when a database dump includes data, the generator values are now also set.
692     14: IBSQLEdit: Unit LCLPlatformDef added to uses clauses for lazarus 1.7 and later.
694     IBX Change Log version (2.0-0) Tue, 06 Dec 2016 10:33:44 +0000
696 tony 50 See also doc/IBX4LazarusGuide.pdf for important information on
697 tony 45 upgrading to IBX2.
699     1. Size property of TIBStringField is now the width in characters of the field
700     and not the byte length. This applies only to multi-byte character sets such
701     as UTF8. The original approach aligned with TStringField. However, the TStringField
702     code is not recognised as a bug and hence this change to align the behaviour.
703     The TStringField change is expected in fpc 3.2.0.
705     2. A new property AutoFieldSize: boolean has been added to TIBStringField. When
706     true (default) then Size property value saved in the lfm is ignored. Size is
707     always set from the dynamic information read from the database. It is unclear
708     why anyone would want to override this and set Size to false.
710     3. ibxscript: should now handle correctly a Case..End statement within a procedure
711     block.
713     4. IBDatabase: new property - CreateIfNotExists. If true and database does not
714     exist when an attempt is made to connect to it (run time only) then an attempt
715     is made to create the database.
717     5. IBDatabase: new event - OnCreateDatabase. This event is called after a database
718     has been successfully created as a result of a call to CreateDatabase or when
719     creating a database after it was found not to exist.
721     6. DBControlGrid: a race condition could result in the wrong row image being
722     written to the cache. This has been avoided by a trip round the message
723     loop before rendering the row image.
725     7. DBControlGrid: It is strongly recommended not to open the source DataSet for
726     a DBControlGrid during a Form's "OnShow" event handler. Under GTK2 this is
727     known to risk corrupt rendering of row images when the control is first
728     displayed. If necessary use "Application.QueueAsyncCall" to delay opening
729     of the dataset (see DBControlGrid examples) until the Form's Window has been created.
731     8. DBControlGrid & IBDynamicGrid: Navigation keys should now work correctly with
732     a TDateEdit control located on an editor panel.
734     9. TIBExtract: brought up-to-date plus many bug fixes.
736     10. DBControlGrid: Removed memory leak when updating rows.
738     11. TIBCMLocalDBSupport: fixed invalid free on upgrade.
740 tony 43 IBX Change Log version (1.4-3) Thu, 22 Sep 2016 18:10:15 +0100
742     1. IBCustomDataset: When calling SetCodePage, no longer request transliteration
743     when target codepage is CP_NONE. This is a workaround for
746     2. DBLog option removed from TIBStatisticalService - not supported by server
747     since Firebird 1.5.
749     3. ibxscript: An error is no longer generated for "on commit preserve rows" or
750     similar.
752     4. IBCodePage: updated mapping between codepages and character id.
754     5. ftWideString and ftWideMemo withdrawn. There is no UTF16 character set in
755     Firebird. Character sets with a char width of two are not UTF16.
757     6. Strings received from the database are now always transliterated into UTF8
758     regardless of the database character set or connection character set. This
759     is for compatibility with the LCL.
761 tony 45 IBX Change Log version (1.4-2) Thu, 22 Sep 2016 15:25:27 +0100
762 tony 41
763     1. IBBlob: Defer reading of blob until read method called. This avoids having to
764     read in an entire blob just to get the size of the blob. General performance
765     improvement when opening datasets containing blobs.
767     2. Clearing a Blob now sets the corresponding field's modified flag.
769     3. IBLookupCombo: When not performing auto-complete, original query sort order
770     is now used.
772     4. IBDynamicGrid: Add OnSelectEditor event. Allows editor panel to be dynamically
773     determined.
775     5. IBDynamicGrid: Recompute column widths after dataset closed and re-opened.
777     6. IBLookupCombo: LazUTF8 added to uses clause to avoid compilation problems post
778     lazarus 1.6.0
780     7. IBControls. Removed "runtime" from list of paths to avoid "multiple packages"
781     compilation error.
783 tony 39 IBX Change Log version (1.4-1) Tue, 17 May 2016 09:14:51 +0100
785     1. No character set specified for connection: when a text blob is retrieved, the
786     character set is determined by looking up the native character set using then
787     Firebird API. Otherwise a text mode blob is assumed to have the same character
788     set as the connection.
790     2. TIBGUIInterface: this is an internal interface. Minor type changes to allow
791     for Login Dialog returing a change to the database path.
793     3. Design Time Database and Server login Dialogs now allow the Database Name/Server Name
794     to be changed from that given in the TIBDatabase/TIBServer component and for the
795     entered value to be saved on a project specific basis (design time only).
797     4. IBDynamicGrid: TDBLookupCellEditor now compares its DataFieldName with the
798     column fieldname. If they are the same then it is acts as a look up for the KeyValue
799     Otherwise, it sets the column text to the selected ListField Value.
801     5. IBDynamicGrid: Only visible columns are now taken into account When recalculating
802     column width.
804     6. IBLookupComboEditBox: Fix error with autocomplete query when a RelationName is given
805     and a case insensitive search is requested.
807     7. IBDynamicGrid: No longer ignores notifications removing Column Totals controls
808     or column ListSource.
810     8. IBQuery: no longer performs unnecessary refresh of SQL Text (and hence avoids an
811     unprepare) when closing and the text has not changed.
813     9. IBSQL: Base the cursor name on a GUID instead of a hexstr version of the class pointer.
814     Less likely to cause a cursor re-use error on Windows.
816     10.SV5IPC: include workaround for OSX. FPC 3.0.0 has broken ipc module for darwin.
817     Expected to be fixed in 3.0.2. Hence workaround only applies to 3.0.0.
819     11. TIBTreeView: Guard against nil destination on record changed
821     12. AnsiString Code page support: TIBStringField.AsString and TIBMemoField.AsString now return a
822     string type with the code page set to reflect the returned field encoding after
823     Firebird driver transliteration, if any. FPC 3.0.0 onwards only. Behaviour unchanged for
824     earlier versions.
826     13. AnsiString Code page support: Assigning to TIBStringField.AsString and TIBMemoField.AsString
827     will now result in transliteration to the code page specified for the Firebird driver
828     if the assigned string has a different code page. FPC 3.0.0 onwards only.
830     14. TIBDatabase: new property UseDefaultSystemCodePage. When set any lc_ctype parameter
831     is ignored and the lc_ctype value, when the database is opened, is set to align with
832     the DefaultSystemCodePage (FPC 3.0.0 onwards). Normally, this is what you want and should ensure
833     platform independence. Note: this applies to FPC 3.0.0 and earlier versions. Pre FPC
834     3.0.0, when this property is true, the lc_ctype is UTF8 except under windows when
835     the GETACP is used to determine the Windows code page.
837     15. TIBDatabase: new property DefaultCharSetName. This is the Firebird character set
838     name used as the lc_ctype when the database was opened. Only valid while the
839     Database is connected.
841     16. TIBDatabase: new property DefaultCodePage (FPC >=3.0.0 only). This is the codepage
842     id that corresponds to the DefaultCharSetName.
844 tony 37 IBX Change Log version (1.4-0) Mon, 15 Feb 2016 14:44:24 +0000
846     1. Unix: If Firebird Embedded Server shared object is loaded and a local database
847     path is given and database attach fails due to access permission issues on the
848     temp directory or security database, then the attach is retried with "localhost:"
849     prefixing the databasename. This should avoid problems when the database has to
850     be accessed by a local (e.g. classic) server and libfbembed is used.
852     2. Windows: revised search order for Firebird DLL:
853     i. The Firebird Embedded Server in the application Directory.
854     ii. If the FIREBIRD environment variable is set then the directory this
855     points to is searched for the FB Client DLL and then then underlying
856     "bin" directory.
857     iii. Registry Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Firebird Project\Firebird Server\Instances
858     is used to locate the Firebird installation directory and the underlying
859     "bin" directory is searched for the FB Client DLL.
860     iv. The Default installation directories C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_x
861     are searched for the FB Client DLL.
862     v. The PATH Environment variable is used to search for the FB Client DLL.
863     vi. Finally the PATH Environment variable is used to search for IBASE.DLL.
865     3. New Component: TIBXScript. This is an ISQL compatible SQL script execution engine.
866     See doc/readme.scriptengine and example applications.
868     4. New Component: TIBlocalDBSupport. This is a TIBDatabase support component intended to
869     simplify the use of the embedded firebird server on both Linux and Windows platforms.
870     See dpc/readme.localdatabase and example applications.
872     5. IBDynamicGrid: Reordering on column header click should now also work for
873     dynamic columns.
875     6. ISQLMonitor: (Windows only). Mutex added to TMultilockGate to avoid race condition
876     between incrementing/decrementing the lock count and signalling the event.
878 tony 35 IBX Change Log version (1.3-2) Tue, 26 Jan 2016 14:39:54 +0000
880 tony 37 1.3.2 was never formally released and only made available as beta copies.
882 tony 35 1. DBControlGrid,IBDynamicGrid: Ignore down arrow and up arrow in TCustomMemo
884     2. IBDynamicGrid: Now deals correctly with a single column grid which has no indicator and autosize column
886     3. IBLookupComboEditBox: reset timer on each key press - avoids timer going off too early
888     4. IBDynamicGrid: Call event OnUpdateSortOrder even when aliasname not found in dataset
889     i.e. when it is a calculated field
891     5. IBDynamicGrid: Fix problem selecting a different row when expanded row at end of grid.
892     This problem was due to a race condition between recalculating row heights and
893     determining which row was selected by the mouse click. The row height calculation
894     is now deferred by an extra trip round the message loop allowing the row to
895     be always calculated on the current grid layout rather than risking it being
896     calculated on the grid layout after the expanded row has been shrunk.
898     6. IBLookupComboEditBox: avoid race condition between cm_killfocus and cm_exit on
899     Windows.
901     7. TIBStringField: Now has two new public properties: CharacterSetName: string and CharacterSetSize: integer;
902     These properties allow the (Firebird) character set name for the field and the max number of bytes per character
903 tony 37 to be determined at runtime. See doc/readme.charactersets.html.
904 tony 35
905     8. TIBWideStringField: This is a new field type with the same additional public properties as above and subclassed from
906 tony 37 TWideStringField. This field type is used with the character size reported by Firebird is two. See doc/readme.charactersets.html.
907 tony 35
908     9. TIBMemoField and TIBWideMemoField: new field types with the same additional public properties as above and subclassed from
909     TMemoField and TWideMemoField respectively. These field types are used with Blob subtype 1 and a characterset size of
910 tony 37 1, 3 or 4 (TIBMemoField) or 2 (TIBWideMemoField). See doc/readme.charactersets.html.
911 tony 35
912     Both also have a new published property "DisplayTextAsClassName". If false (default) the displaytext is generated
913     from the blob text by truncating the string to the displaywidth (in characters not bytes). A displaywidth of zero
914     implies no truncation.
916     10. IBLookupComboEditBox: Force autocomplete when EditingDone called and timer active.
918     11. IBDynamicGrid: Call DataSet.Append when entering edit mode and dataset empty and not in insert state
919     (avoids "Not in Edit Mode" error).
921     12. IBDynamicGrid: Correctly resize grid when one column width plus indicator.
923     13. IBDynamicGrid: Ensure Editor Panel has focus when shown - avoids Windows API calling
924     DBGrid.DoExit on subsequent mouse click (e.g. on child control such as a tabbed page control.
926     14. IBDynamicGrid: ignore up, down tab and return when editorpanel open and focus in a TCustomGrid descendent.
928     15. DBControlGrid: Stop flashing grid when dataset closed and then re-opened while DisabledControls
930     16. IBQuery: Bug fixed that prevented SQL being set programmatically once the Parser had been invoked.
932     17. IBCustomDataSet: On close, parser is now freed and Select SQL reverts to value before DataSet Opened.
934 tony 33 IBX Change Log version (1.3-1) Sat, 18 Jul 2015 13:30:50 +0100
935 tony 31
936     1. OnCloseUp Event Handler added to TDBLookupProperties
938     2. IBDynamicGrid: Call to OnEditorPanelHide is now last editor hide action - avoids
939     problem with row size when exception is called.
941     3. IBLookupComboEditBox: Force pending autocomplete on combobox exit.
943     4. IBDynamicGrid and DBControlGrid: Keyhandler now ignores up, down, escape and return keys if
944     in a TCustomComboBox and ignores return key if in a TCustomMemo
946     5. IBLookupComboEditBox: Ensure that KeyValue is set correctly when full text
947     keyed in i.e. when autocomplete not performed
949 tony 33 6. Cleanup of "Uses" clauses and add console mode support. IBX should now support
950     console mode applications with all LCL required functions (builtin dialogs and
951     cursor management) centralised in the IBDialogs unit. As long as "IBDialogs" is
952     not included in your project, IBX should compile and link with a console mode program.
953     See consolemode example and its "readme"for further guidence. DO NOT add the ibexpress package to a
954     console mode application or the IDE will automatically assume that your
955     application is GUI based. Instead, you should include the ibexpressconsolemode package.
956 tony 31
957     IMPORTANT NOTE: IBDialogs must be included in GUI applications in order
958     to use the built in dialogs and cursor management. IBDialogs is
959 tony 33 included by default if "ibexpress" is in your project source's "uses" clause.
960 tony 31 This should be the case for all projects created through the IDE. This is why
961     you do not want to add the ibexpress package to console mode applications. The
962     ibexpressconsolemode package has been created to allow console mode programs
963     to avoid adding LCL dependencies when using IBX, while still having the
964     unit search paths set up correctly.
966 tony 33 Existing users should check to ensure that the "ibexpress" unit is included in
967     each project's source file (*.lpr).
969 tony 31 You may find that in order for the IDE to recognise that ibexpressconsolemode
970     exists, you have to first open the package in the IDE and then close it. This
971     adds it to the most recently accessed packages list. To make it permanently
972     available, add the package name to lazarus' file.
974 tony 33 Thanks to Julio Jiménez for suggesting support of console mode.
975 tony 31
976     7. SQL Parser can now accept quoted strings that include new lines
978     8. IBDynamicGrid: Lookup Cell Editor - the cursor is now positioned at end
979     of text on start of edit. This is particularly useful when tabbing to a
980     column and then inserting text.
982     9. New Examples provided for IB Services and ISQLMonitor.
984     10. Fix error when writing to blob streams that recorded only the last buffer
985     write in the blob stream. In most cases, this did not cause a problem as the
986     IB Blob Stream is written in a single write. However, with the TDBImage, write
987     of a graphic type prefix was lost which caused a problem when the image could
988     not be automatically recognised.
990     11. Improve generation of random cursor names in TIBSQL - avoid risk of "cursor
991 tony 33 already open" errors due to random numbers used for the cursor name being identical.
992 tony 31
993     12. IBTable: corrected error that could result in an "Index out of bounds" error
994     when opening the table and the Primary Key is the last or only column in the
995     table. Thanks to Rick Hoover for the fix.
997 tony 33 13. Fix TIBDatabase initialisation of lc_ctype under unix. Set to "UTF8" instead
998     of "UTF-8", and update list of available database character sets. Existing
999     users should check the current lc_ctype setting in their applications.
1000 tony 29
1001 tony 33 IBX Change Log version (1.2-4) Sat, 09 May 2015 12:38:29 +0100
1003 tony 29 1. Firebird Services: avoid List Index error when opening a service with an
1004     empty Params property.
1006     2. IBControls: Fix problem with new link mechanism introduced in 1.2.3.
1007     Link now set up in Loaded method - avoids occasional failure to apply
1008     SQL markup on initial open.
1010     3. "Employees" example performance improvements when scrolling.
1012     4. DBControlGrid: Correctly handle edit panel removal when panel is child control of a
1013     TFrame. Force recaching of selected frame to avoid GTK race (results in a
1014     random image cached).
1016     5. DBControlGrid: Should now react to changes in panel height at run time.
1018     6. IBDynamicGrid: Redraws rows below on panel editor hide - avoids blank space at end of grid
1019     even when further rows exist.
1021     7. DBControlGrid: DefaultRowHeight is no longer a published property as it should
1022     always be derived from panel height and setting this property can cause confusion.
1023     Note for existing projects: to avoid a missing property error at run time,
1024     each form using the DBControlGrid must be opened, updated and saved in the IDE
1025     in order to remove the property value from the lfm.
1028 tony 33 IBX Change Log version (1.2-3) Tue, 14 Apr 2015 14:11:17 +0100
1029 tony 27
1030     1. TIBStoredProc. Prepare now called by ParamByName to avoid need to always
1031     call Prepare before setting parameter values.
1033     2. Error message on ParamByName (all cases) not found now includes name of missing parameter.
1035     3. Code tidyup and more robust handling of dsql information result vector.
1037     4. Support for centralised handling of transaction status changes. TIBTransaction
1038     has been given additional events "AfterEdit", "AfterInsert", "AfterDelete", "AfterPost"
1039     and "AfterExecQuery". The first three are called after the same event is called
1040     for an IBCustomDataSet descendent using the Transaction. The fourth is called
1041     after a call to TIBSQL.ExecQuery, again using this transaction. These new events
1042     enable monitoring of transaction status changes for a given transaction to be
1043     handled in a single place. For example, when a change to the dataset occurs
1044     an indicator can be set that shows the user that in order to save changes,
1045     the transaction should be committed. Rather than doing this per dataset, this
1046     can now be done per transaction.
1048     5. TDataSet.CheckBrowseMode automatically posts changes to the current row when
1049     the dataset is scrolled. However, any changes to the current row are, by default,
1050     discarded when the dataset is closed. TIBDataSet, TIBQuery and TIBTable now
1051     have a new property "DataSetCloseAction" that adds automatic posting of changes
1052     on dataset close. If this property is set to dcDiscardChanges (default) then the
1053     behaviour is unchanged from previous versions. if the value is set to dcSaveChanges
1054     then IBX will attempt to post any unsaved changes before the dataset is closed
1055     (and after the BeforeClose event handler is called). The exception is when the
1056     dataset is being closed as a result of a transaction rollback. In this case,
1057     no action is taken and any unsaved changes are discarded. This avoids both
1058     unnecessary overhead and the risk that a validation error may occur in the Post
1059     raising an exception and thereby preventing a rollback.
1061     6. String Field sizes and Display Widths should now be correct for multi-byte character sets.
1062     In earlier versions, the Display Width was set to the maximum byte width rather than the character
1063     width. Display Widths are now corrected by dividing by the max byte width per character.
1064     For UTF8 character sets, the byte width is four and hence the Display Width will be
1065     the byte width divided by 4. The byte width of each character set is determined
1066     dynamically when the database connection is estabished from the RDB$CHARACTER_SETS
1067     system table. (see also
1069     7. SQLParser will now correctly parse SQL Text which contains ':' within quoted string.
1071     8. IBLookupComboEditBox: List should now always be restored to full list when the
1072     control loses focus. Default Key press default interval reduced to 200ms.
1074     9. DBControlGrid: Ensure that selection is changed to newly appended row, even
1075     when dataset rows are less than visible rows.
1077     10. IBDynamicGrid: Editor Panel is not shown on indicator click if Datasource
1078     does not exist or DataSet is empty. More responsive on dataset open. New event
1079     OnRestorePosition. Column sort disabled if no header row.
1081     11. IBTreeView: improved handling of response to "Add Node". Avoid scrolling dataset
1082     while dataset state is dsInsert. Avoids posting errors.
1084     12. IBControls: New mechanism for distributing UpdateSQL and UpdateParams events. This is to
1085     avoid conflict with DisableControls/EnableControls with Master/Detail linked tables.
1087     13. IBLookupComboEditBox: Now avoids SQL Errors when combo box text contains single quotes.
1089     14. TIBDataSet and TIBQuery: new Event - OnValidatePost. This event has been introduced
1090     to solve a specific problem. That is when the dataset cursor is moved (e.g. by
1091     a grid mouse click and the current row is being edited or inserted. In this case, TDataset
1092     always "posts" the current record regardless or whether or not it may be more appropriate
1093     to cancel any changes; the post occurs before the "BeforeScroll" event fires due to the way the
1094     "MoveBy" function is implemented by TDataSet. The OnValidatePost event is called
1095     as the first action of the "Post" method and allows the handler to convert the Post
1096     into a Cancel if that is the appropriate action on moving to a different row. This is
1097     achieved by returning with "CancelPost" argument set to true. Note that an exception could be
1098     raised here, but it may still be more appropriate to validate a post and signal
1099     a problem in the "BeforePost" event handler. See readme.automaticposts.xhtml)
1101     15. On Unix derived systems, the Firebird library name can now be given as a colon
1102     separated list. Each library name on the list is tried in turn, in left to right
1103     order with the first found being used as the firebird library. By default, on Linux,
1104     the library name list is ''. This can be
1105     overidden by the FBLIB environment variable or the OnGetLibraryName function.
1107     Note: when using the, if you prefix the database name with "localhost:"
1108     then it will still attempt to access the database via the Firebird Server and will
1109     require a username and password. If only the pathname is given, then the username
1110     and password should be omitted and the unix file permissions are used to grant
1111     access.
1113 tony 33 IBX Change Log version (1.2-2) Sat, 14 Mar 2015 11:35:04 +0000
1114 tony 23
1115     1. A new IBControl - TDBControlGrid has been added. TDBControlGrid a lookalike
1116     rather than a clone for the Delphi TDBCrtlGrid. TDBControlGrid is a single column grid
1117     that replicates a TWinControl - typically a TPanel or a TFrame in each row. Each row
1118 tony 27 corresponds to a row of the linked DataSource. Any data aware control on the
1119 tony 23 replicated (e.g.) TPanel will then appear to have the appropriate value for the row.
1121     2. As suggested by Julio Jiménez, a new property "SQLHourGlass" has been added to TIBDatabase.
1122 tony 25 When set to false (default true), the Hour Glass cursor is supcpressed and no cursor change
1123 tony 23 takes place during database access. This may be useful when there are performance issues with
1124     the change of cursor. Setting the property to false suppresses the change of cursor.
1126     3. As suggested by Julio Jiménez, a new property "AutoCommit" has been added to TIBDataSet, TIBQuery
1127     and TIBTable. When set to acCommitRetaining (Default: acDisabled), a call is made to
1128     Transaction.CommitRetaining immediately after every Post or Delete. This has the effect of
1129     making all changes permanent immediately rather than when the transaction is explicitly
1130     committed.
1132 tony 25 4. Experimental support for the Firebird 3 SQL_BOOLEAN type has been added while still
1133 tony 27 using the legacy Firebird API. Thanks to Gabor Boros for helping to test this feature.
1134 tony 23
1135 tony 33 IBX Change Log version (1.2-1) Fri, 13 Mar 2015 11:14:15 +0000
1136 tony 25
1137     Development version only.
1139 tony 33 IBX Change Log version (1.2-0) Thu, 26 Feb 2015 10:34:04 +0000
1140 tony 21
1141     1. An internal select SQL Parser is now available for TIBCustomDataset descendents.
1142     This is typically used during an "OnBeforeOpen" event handler to manipulate the
1143     "Where" and "Having" clauses to implement user specified filters of arbitrary
1144     complexity.
1146     2. A new Component Palette entry "Firebird Data Controls" is now available. This has
1147     three new data aware controls dependent on IBX and which make use of the SQL Parser.
1148     These are:
1150     - TIBLookupComboEditBox
1151     - TIBDynamicGrid
1152     - TIBTreeview
1154     TIBLookupComboEditBox is a TDBLookupComboBox descendent that implements "autocomplete"
1155     of typed in text and "autoinsert" of new entries. Autocomplete uses SQL manipulation
1156     to revise the available list and restrict it to items that are prefixed by the
1157 tony 25 typed text (either case sensitive or case insensitive). Autoinsert allows a
1158 tony 21 newly typed entry to be added to the list dataset and included in the available
1159     list items.
1161     TIBDynamicGrid is a TDBGrid descendent that provides for:
1162     - automatic resizing of selected columns to fill the available row length
1163     - automatic positioning and sizing of a "totals" control, typically at the
1164     column footer, on a per column basis.
1165     - DataSet resorting on header row click, sorting the dataset by the selected column.
1166     A second click on the same header cell reversed the sort order.
1167     - Support for a "Panel Editor". That is on clicking the indicator column, the row
1168     is automatically expanded and a panel superimposed on it. The panel can have any
1169     number of child controls, typically data aware controls with the same datasource
1170     as the grid allowing for editing of additional fields and more complex editors.
1171     - Reselection of the same row following resorting.
1172     - A new cell editor that provides the same functionality as TIBLookupComboEditBox.
1173     Its properties are specified on a per column basis and allows for one or more
1174     columns to have their values selected from a list provided by a dataset.
1175     Autocomplete and autoinsert are also available. The existing picklist editor
1176     is unaffected by the extension.
1178     TIBTreeView is a data aware TCustomTreeView.
1180     3. When getting a field value using FieldByName.AsVariant, an SQL_INT64 with a
1181     zero scale will no longer return an error. An Int64 will be returned instead.
1183     4. TIBTransaction now has events for Before and After Transaction End and a new function
1184     "GetEndAction" allowing the EndAction to be accessed by these event handlers.
1186     5. TIBQuery can now handle correctly queries which contain the same keyword parameter
1187     repeated multiple times.
1189     6. TIBUpdateSQL will no longer return an error when "RowsAffected" is <> 1. This error
1190     check used to get in the way of using Stored Procedures, and "Update or Insert"
1191     statements.
1193     7. Insert, Modify and Delete property Editors now support Query Generation from
1194     Stored Procedures.
1196     8. Three new examples illustrate the use of the new IB Controls
1199 tony 33 IBX Change Log version (1.1-0) Mon, 07 Jul 2014 14:01:07 +0100
1200 tony 19
1201     1. TIBXSQLVAR code clean up and optimisation to improve client side "prepare" and parameter
1202     setting performance. See "readme.field+param.names in the doc folder.(Thanks to
1203     Gabor Boros for reporting this problem and for testing the improvements).
1205     2. IBX can now support dialect 3 quoted column names that contain spaces and which differ only in their case.
1206     See readme.field+param.names in the doc folder.
1208     3. IBX SQL Editors will now automatically add double quotes around column names when the database
1209     dialect is "3" and the column name contains spaces or is a Firebird 2.5 SQL Reserved Word.
1211     4. Param Type LargeInt now supported in TIBQuery and TIBStoredProc
1213     5. TIBSQL.ExecQuery retry on failure removed to avoid problems with "at most once"
1214     actions.
1216     6. TIBTransaction.SetDefaultDatabase uses SetObjectProp instead of mis-using SetOrdProp (with
1217     thanks to Yuriy Kopnin for pointing this out).
1219     7. GenerateParamName is now a published property of TIBSQL, TIBQuery and TIBDataSet.
1221     8. varWord, varShortInt and varInt64 added to TIBXSQLVAR.SetAsVariant and hence now available as variant types
1222     for both fields and parameter setting.
1224     9. Changes to the Select SQL in an IBCustomDataset descendent should now be
1225     visible in the Fields Editor immediately afterwards - rather than only after cycling the "active" property.
1227     10. TIBSQL SQL editor will operate correctly and not report an SQL syntax error on SQL test,
1228     when DSQL ('?') parameter placeholders are used and the TIBSQL.GenerateParamNames property is set to true.
1230     11. TIBTable now has a property editor for "MasterFields"
1232     12. SQL Property Editors now include a checkbox "Allow DSQL Placeholder". This corresponds to the
1233     GenerateParamNames property and should be set when using DSQL (i.e. '?') style parameters.
1235     13. The IBTransaction editor now has a radio button ("Unspecified") which is set when the combination
1236     of settings is unrecognised. Selecting this radio button has no effect on the settings.
1239 tony 17 IBX Change Log version (1.0-5) Sat, 28 Dec 2013 19:22:23 +0000
1241     1. TBookmark change conditional compile changed to >= 2.7.0 to match revised availability of change.
1243 tony 15 IBX Change Log version (1.0-4) Thu, 28 Feb 2013 16:56:13 +0000
1245     1. In a TIBCustomDataset descendent, a generator now only sets the value when
1246     it is null. This allows for alternative user defined setting of the generator
1248     Many thanks to Julio Jiménez for this fix
1250     2. An Error Dialog is now displayed in the Lazarus IDE if IBX cannot find the Firebird Library
1251     and suggests that the user may have forgotten to install it.
1253 tony 13 IBX Change Log version (1.0-3) Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:53:39 +0000
1255     1. Conditional compilation used to limit registration of TIntegerField to
1256     Lazarus versions less than 1.1
1258     2. When a database connection is created, character set is now by default set
1259     to UTF8 (Unix) or to the current Windows code page (Windows) if in the range
1260     1250 to 1254.
1263 tony 11 IBX Change Log version (1.0-2) Tue, 09 Oct 2012 09:10:30 +0100
1265     1. TBookmark change conditional compile changed to > 2.6.2 to match expected availability of change.
1268 tony 9 IBX Change Log version (1.0-1) Sun, 05 Aug 2012 20:00:04 +0100
1269 tony 7
1270     1. In IBCustomDataset. Changed CurBookmark from string to TBookmark for compiler versions > 2.6.0
1271     Necessary because of TBookmark type and TDataSet.Bookmark property change in fpc 2.7.1
1273     2. IBX now registers TIntegerField as a "No Icon" component. This may be removed if the fpc DB
1274     package is changed to do this (which it should do).
1276     IBX Change Log version (1.0-0) Sat, 28 Apr 2012 16:43:00 +0100
1278     1. Add "if active then active := false" to TIBCustomDataset destructor. (Avoid error on database close).
1280     2. Make use of $STATIC conditional in IBSQLMonitor (Needed for FPC 2.6.0 compliance)
1282     3. Database Property Editor: Character Set drop down box now uses "OnChange" rather than "OnCloseUp" to react to changes
1284     4. Property editors should now correctly resize.
1286     5. In IBDatabaseEdit.TestClick, the LoginPrompt is now set to the state of the LoginPrompt Checkbox
1287     (restored original functionality)
1289     6. Under OSX, if IBX fails to load libfbclient.dylib, it will now try and load the firebird
1290     library using the absolute path /Library/Frameworks/Firebird.framework/Firebird.