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Committed: Mon Jan 8 15:23:15 2024 UTC (7 weeks, 5 days ago) by tony
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1 FBINTF Change Log version (1.4-2 Build 14191) Sun, 07 Jan 2024 16:15:38 +0000
3 1. IBUtils.FormatTimeZoneOffset A zero offset now includes a preceding '+' sign.
5 2. TFBStatement.DoJournaling now exits immediately if journaling is not active. The
6 motivation for this is to avoid calling the Firebird API function 'getInfo'
7 unnecesarily. This function can return an error if an incompatible parameter type was
8 applied to the statement and hence can confuse resolving the bug. Note: a
9 specific case is in (e.g.) OpenCursorAtStart method when the array of const includes a
10 TDateTime. In this case, the param is set to a floating point type rather than
11 a Firebird datetime (array of const loses the distinction).
13 3. TFBAttachment.SetParameters. if an attempt is made to set a parameter with a float
14 value, the metadata type is checked to see if the parameter is a Date/Time type. If so then
15 the value is assumed to be a TDateTime and the parameter is set using the AsDateTime
16 property. Otherwise, the value is assumed to be a floating point type and the AsDouble
17 property is used to set the property. This avoids the specific example given above.
19 FBINTF Change Log version (1.4-1 Build 14103) Mon, 27 Nov 2023 14:26:35 +0000
21 1. FBSQLData: ensure that TResults.getSQLData and TResults.GetData use same error
22 checks for range checking.
24 2. FB25Client: In GetIBMessage, fb_interpret is now called multiple times such that
25 any additional error information is decoded.
27 3. FB25Statement: When changing a param type from Blob sub_type 1 to SQL_TEXT or SQL_VARYING
28 charsetid is now preserved and size is set to default blob size. Now aligns with
29 FB3 and later.
31 4. DDL and DML string literals are now explicitly set to the connection character
32 set rather than the default character set provided by the compiler.
34 5. General tidy up of transliteration functions, now centralised in IBUtils. FPC testing
35 now makes use of the RTL fpwidestring unit for support of international character
36 sets.
38 6. Database exception handling (see section 9.3 in user guide).
39 * For FB3 and later API: Connection Character set now applied to message returned
40 by fb_interpret and message then transliterated if necessary to the system character set.
41 * For Legacy API: The message character set is guessed as UTF8 unless invalid
42 UTF8 characters found when connection character set is assumed. Message then
43 transliterated if necessary to system character set.
44 Note: this difference of behaviour is because legacy API presents exception messages
45 "as is", while FB3 server attempts to transliterate to connection character set.
47 FBINTF Change Log version (1.4-0 Build 14011) Sat, 05 Aug 2023 11:09:09 +0100
49 1. Support package fbudr added for support of User Defined Routines (UDRs), and package
50 fbudrtestbed for client side debugging of UDR libraries.
52 2. Package layout changed with introduction of udr support. IB*.pas files moved from
53 root directory to "client". IBHeader moved to "Client".
55 3. Delphi packages: all packages now compile .dcp and .bpi files to either
56 fbintf\Win32\Debug or fbintf\Win64\Debug by default. Please remove any pre-existing
57 fbintf.dcp and fbintf.bpi files from other locations.
59 4. Client side journaling support added. Interface changes
60 IAttachment
61 function JournalingActive: boolean;
62 function GetJournalOptions: TJournalOptions;
63 function StartJournaling(aJournalLogFile: AnsiString): integer; overload;
64 function StartJournaling(aJournalLogFile: AnsiString; Options: TJournalOptions): integer; overload;
65 function StartJournaling(S: TStream; Options: TJournalOptions): integer; overload;
66 procedure StopJournaling(RetainJournal: boolean);
68 5. Transactions may now be given a local transaction name:
69 IFirebirdAPI
70 function StartTransaction(Attachments: array of IAttachment;
71 TPB: array of byte; DefaultCompletion: TTransactionCompletion=taCommit): ITransaction; overload;
72 TPB: array of byte; DefaultCompletion: TTransactionCompletion=taCommit;
73 aName: AnsiString=''): ITransaction; overload;
74 function StartTransaction(Attachments: array of IAttachment;
75 TPB: ITPB; DefaultCompletion: TTransactionCompletion=taCommit): ITransaction; overload;
76 TPB: ITPB; DefaultCompletion: TTransactionCompletion=taCommit;
77 aName: AnsiString=''): ITransaction; overload;
79 IAttachment
80 function StartTransaction(TPB: array of byte; DefaultCompletion: TTransactionCompletion=taCommit): ITransaction; overload;
81 function StartTransaction(TPB: ITPB; DefaultCompletion: TTransactionCompletion=taCommit): ITransaction; overload;
82 function StartTransaction(TPB: array of byte;
83 DefaultCompletion: TTransactionCompletion=taCommit;
84 aName: AnsiString=''): ITransaction; overload;
85 function StartTransaction(TPB: ITPB;
86 DefaultCompletion: TTransactionCompletion=taCommit;
87 aName: AnsiString=''): ITransaction; overload;
89 ITransaction
90 function GetTransactionName: AnsiString;
91 procedure SetTransactionName(aValue: AnsiString);
93 6. Additional Transaction information
94 ITPB.function AsText: AnsiString; {Returns TPB as a text string}
96 ITransaction
97 function GetDefaultCompletion: TTransactionCompletion;
98 function GetJournalingActive(attachment: IAttachment): boolean; {attachment must be specified when multi-database transaction}
100 7. New IAttachment helper functions
101 function HasTable(aTableName: AnsiString): boolean;
102 function HasFunction(aFunctionName: AnsiString): boolean;
103 function HasProcedure(aProcName: AnsiString): boolean;
104 function GetAttachmentID: integer;
105 function GetCharSetID: integer;
107 8. IStatement: if the BatchRowLimit is set to maxint, the maximum possible buffer size
108 will be allocated for batch operations.
110 9. IStatement, IColumnMetaData and ISQLParam all now consistently provide:
111 function GetStatement: IStatement;
112 function GetTransaction: ITransaction;
113 function GetAttachment: IAttachment;
115 10. Internal: a more disciplined approach to the handling of Firebird.IReferenceCounted
116 interfaces.
118 11. New interface type: IFBNumeric. IFBNumeric is implemented in the unit FBNumeric
119 and concentrates all handling of Fixed Point numbers. New ISQLItem and ISQLParam
120 functions getAsNumeric and setAsNumeric allow for direct retrival and manipulation
121 of numerics without loss of precision.
123 12. TryStrToNumeric and NumericToDouble moved from IBUtils to FBNumeric.
125 13. ISQLParams new method "Clear"
127 14. Connection Info (e.g. ODS Version, Remote Protocol) now retrieved on first
128 request rather than on attachment connect.
130 15. IStatus.IBDataBaseErrorMessages now defaults to [ShowIBMessage]. This reflects the
131 fact that SQLCodes are soon to be deprecated. In the future, the other options
132 will be silently ignored if SQLCode support is not present in the Firebird
133 Client library.
135 16. ITransaction changes Rollback and Commit from procedures to functions:
136 function Commit(Force: boolean=false): TTrCompletionState;
137 function Rollback(Force: boolean=false): TTrCompletionState;
139 Specifically, this is to allow the functions to report back a failed commit or
140 rollback when Force = true. In the case, the transaction handle has been
141 released, while the transaction remains in limbo.
143 17. IAttachment ExecImmediate.
144 When the transaction parameters are provided as an array of const and the
145 statement fails, the transaction is rolledback (forced) before the exception
146 is raised.
148 18. In Firebird 3 and later API: the status vector is now a thread var, as was
149 already the case with the legacy API. Avoids problems when calling underlying
150 Firebird API in multiple threads.
152 19. IBUtils: TSQLXMLReader: "string" type changed to "AnsiString" for compatibility
153 reasons.
155 20. IDBInformation.DecodeVersionString now supported isc_info_firebird_version.
157 21. TSQLXMLReader: handle 'blob' as a reserved word
159 22. ISQLParam.SetAsVariant now accepts a vartype of varUString (UnicodeString).
162 FBINTF Change Log version (1.3-3 Build 12935) Mon, 06 Dec 2021 23:17:13 +0000
164 1. Fix compile error with fpc trunk (3.3.1 and later), due to type change to tzname in "unix" unit.
166 2. Remove constraint in IAttachment.HasScollableCursors that returned false when
167 using remote protocol. Scrollable cursors with remote database expected to
168 be support for Firebird 4.0.1 onwards. Note: Firebird 4.0.0 will return
169 a not supported error.
171 3. IStatement: new function;
172 TStatementFlag = (stHasCursor,stRepeatExecute,stScrollable);
173 TStatementFlags = set of TStatementFlag;
174 function GetFlags: TStatementFlags;
176 4. Revised behaviour for IStatement.ExecuteQuery in order to preserve backwards
177 compatibility.
178 In Firebird 5, Update..Returning may returns multiple rows and hence the statemen
179 type changes from ExecProcedure to Select. So that ExecuteQuery can continue
180 to be used with Update...Retruning statements that return a singleton row,
181 instead of raising an exception when ExecuteQuery is used with a (SELECT) statement,
182 it will open the cursor and return the first row only.
184 5. ITransaction: new functions:
185 function GetIsReadOnly: boolean;
186 function GetTransactionID: integer;
187 function GetTrInformation(Requests: array of byte): ITrInformation; overload;
188 function GetTrInformation(Request: byte): ITrInformation; overload;
190 The latter two return the Transaction Information block. The first two extract
191 information the Transaction Information block
193 6. New function TSQLTokeniser.ReadCharacters
194 Used internally.
196 7. IStatement: GetProcessedSQL bug fix. No longer raises and error if SQL contains
197 parameter placeholders instead of named parameters.
199 8. ITransaction (Firebird 3 and later): An exception raised when freeing an underlying
200 transaction handle is now ignored if Rollback/Commit is called with Force=true
202 9. Tidy up of exception handling code. Under the legacy API, fb_interpret is now
203 used to get an IBError Message instead of isc_interprete.
205 10. Internal tidyup. Native code now used for decoding integers and the events
206 buffer. Avoids dependencies on fbclient functions isc_portable_integer,
207 isc_event_block and isc_event_counts.
209 11. New IAttachment function
210 function GetAttachmentID: integer;
212 12. Internal changes to TFBClientAPI, TFBAttachment and TFBTransaction and TFB30
213 subclasses to enable UDR support.
215 FBINTF Change Log version (1.3-2 Build 12889) Sun, 24 Oct 2021 13:49:28 +0100
217 1. TFBClientAPI.GetProcAddr. Add check for nil reference.
219 2. IStatement: new methods:
220 procedure SetStaleReferenceChecks(Enable:boolean); {default true}
221 function GetStaleReferenceChecks: boolean;
223 In previous versions, stale reference checks were always enabled. This allows the
224 user to disable them on a per statement basis. Note this can risk out-of-date
225 statement BLR. See User Guide.
227 3. IBUtils: TSQLwithNamedParamsTokeniser now recognises a CASE...END block within a
228 stored procedure and hence avoids replacing named parameters within a containing
229 BEGIN..END block.
231 4. ISQLParam: using a string value to set an integer field with a scale factor of
232 zero is now treated as a special case to avoid the risk of floating point
233 rounding errors affecting pure integers.
235 5. ISQLParam: Review and tidy-up of SetAsString for numeric types.
237 6. ISQLParam is now subclassed from IParamMetaData, which provides access to the mutable
238 SQL Parameter metadata (methods moved from ISQLParam).
240 7. ISQLParam: new method
241 function getColMetadata: IParamMetaData;
242 This instance of IParamMetaData returns the original column metadata which is unmutable.
243 Note: ISQLParam metadata can change after a parameter value has been set e.g when
244 setting a VARCHAR column to an integer value.
246 8. IStatement: can now set cursor name when opening a cursor. New overloaded method:
247 procedure Prepare(CursorName: AnsiString; aTransaction: ITransaction=nil); overload;
248 also IAttachment:
249 function Prepare(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; aSQLDialect: integer; CursorName: AnsiString=''): IStatement; overload;
250 function Prepare(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; CursorName: AnsiString=''): IStatement; overload;
251 function PrepareWithNamedParameters(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString;
252 aSQLDialect: integer; GenerateParamNames: boolean=false;
253 CaseSensitiveParams: boolean = false; CursorName: AnsiString=''): IStatement; overload;
254 function PrepareWithNamedParameters(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString;
255 GenerateParamNames: boolean=false;
256 CaseSensitiveParams: boolean = false; CursorName: AnsiString=''): IStatement; overload;
258 9. Support for scrollable cursors added. New/updated methods:
259 IAttachment:
260 function HasScollableCursors: boolean;
261 function OpenCursor(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; aSQLDialect: integer;
262 Scrollable: boolean=false): IResultSet; overload;
263 function OpenCursor(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; Scrollable: boolean=false): IResultSet; overload;
264 function OpenCursor(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; aSQLDialect: integer; Scrollable: boolean;
265 params: array of const): IResultSet; overload;
266 function OpenCursor(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; Scrollable: boolean=false;
267 params: array of const): IResultSet; overload;
268 function OpenCursorAtStart(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; aSQLDialect: integer; Scrollable: boolean;
269 params: array of const): IResultSet; overload;
270 function OpenCursorAtStart(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; aSQLDialect: integer;
271 Scrollable: boolean=false): IResultSet; overload;
272 function OpenCursorAtStart(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; Scrollable: boolean=false): IResultSet; overload;
273 function OpenCursorAtStart(transaction: ITransaction; sql: AnsiString; Scrollable: boolean;
274 params: array of const): IResultSet; overload;
275 function OpenCursorAtStart(sql: AnsiString; Scrollable: boolean=false): IResultSet; overload;
276 function OpenCursorAtStart(sql: AnsiString; Scrollable: boolean;
277 params: array of const): IResultSet; overload;
278 IStatement:
279 function OpenCursor(Scrollable: boolean; CursorName: AnsiString =''; aTransaction: ITransaction=nil): IResultSet; overload;
280 IResultSet:
281 function FetchPrior: boolean; {fetch previous record}
282 function FetchFirst:boolean; {fetch first record}
283 function FetchLast: boolean; {fetch last record}
284 function FetchAbsolute(position: Integer): boolean; {fetch record by its absolute position in result set}
285 function FetchRelative(offset: Integer): boolean; {fetch record by position relative to current}
286 function IsBof: boolean;
288 10. IArray: tidyup of SetAsString method to ensure correct handling of fixed point numbers.
290 11. IBUtils: TSQLTokeniser. CRLF now combined by low level parser into sqltEOL token. This
291 may be noticeable when a line separator occurs inside quoted text. The quoted text
292 output by the tokeniser will now use the platform specific lineEnding regardless
293 of whether the input uses the CRLF or LF as a line separator.
295 12. IStatement, IResultsSet: Support for scrollable cursors added (note: local databases only)
298 FBINTF Change Log version (1.3-1 Build 12776) Mon, 23 Aug 2021 11:09:33 +0100
300 1. Integer decodes in information blocks (e.g. IDBInfoItem) widened from 32 bit to 64-bit integers.
302 2. Support for inline blob encoding. Blob values pass using the "SetAsString" method
303 will now be encoded inline (i.e. as part of the parameter buffer) if they are
304 shorter than a pre-set limit. Longer values continue to be saved as blobs as a
305 separate server interaction. This is intended as a performance optimisation.
307 The pre-set limit defaults to 8192 bytes and can be inspected/modified using the new
308 IAttachment interface functions:
310 function GetInlineBlobLimit: integer;
311 procedure SetInlineBlobLimit(limit: integer);
313 3. Support for Firebird 4 IBatch interface added. This is largely transparent to the API
314 user as the functionality is embedded in the implementation of the IStatement
315 interface. Three new functions are defined:
317 procedure AddToBatch;
318 function ExecuteBatch(aTransaction: ITransaction=nil): IBatchCompletion;
319 procedure CancelBatch;
320 function GetBatchCompletion: IBatchCompletion;
321 function GetBatchRowLimit: integer;
322 procedure SetBatchRowLimit(aLimit: integer);
324 Also
326 function IsInBatchMode: boolean; {true after call to execute(eaDefer)}
327 function HasBatchMode: boolean; {true if and only if IBatch Supported}
329 For more information see the User Guide.
331 4. Default error message contents. Now aligned with User Guide section 10.2 i.e. error messages
332 provided with the EIBInterBaseError now include all three parts.
334 5. Firebird.pas and include files updated to Firebird 4.0.0
336 6. New IStatement method: function GetSQLStatementTypeName: AnsiString;
337 Returns SQL Statement type as a text string;
339 7. ISQLData.AsInteger and AsInt64 now use "Round" to convert a float field to
340 an integer instead of "trunc". This is for compatibility with TFloatField.AsInteger.
342 FBINTF Change Log version (1.2-1 Build 12552) Wed, 09 Jun 2021 13:05:40 +0100
344 1. Big fix for Firebird 4.0. A internal change in Firebird 4.0.0 from RC1 flushed out a
345 typo in FB30Statement.pas that caused an unknown parameter error.
347 FBINTF Change Log version (1.2-0 Build 12520) Fri, 19 Feb 2021 13:27:23 +0000
349 1. Imported (Firebird) constants updated for Firebird 4.
351 2. Firebird.pas from Firebird 4 integrated into source code tree.
353 3. Added Support for TIMETAMP WITH TIME ZONE and TIME WITH TIME ZONE data types.
355 4. Added Support for SQL_DEC16, SQL_DEC34 and extended NUMERIC precision.
357 5. New unit 'FBClientLib.pas' added and provides new interface IFBIMasterProvider.
358 QueryInterface may be used to coerce this interface from IFirebirdAPI. The
359 interface provides a single method "function GetIMasterIntf: IMaster". This provides
360 type safe access to the Firebird IMaster interface and avoids the need to turn
361 off object checks when coercing "function GetIMaster: TObject" to IMaster.
363 6. New IFirebirdAPI Calls:
364 function HasLocalTZDB: boolean;
365 function HasTimeZoneSupport: boolean;
366 function HasExtendedTZSupport: boolean;
367 procedure SQLDecFloatEncode(aValue: tBCD; SQLType: cardinal; bufptr: PByte);
368 function SQLDecFloatDecode(SQLType: cardinal; scale: integer; bufptr: PByte): tBCD;
370 7. New IAttachment Calls:
371 function HasDecFloatSupport: boolean;
372 function GetTimeZoneServices: ITimeZoneServices;
373 function HasTimeZoneSupport: boolean;
375 8. New Interface ITimeZoneServices.
377 9. New ISQLData API Calls:
378 procedure GetAsDateTime(var aDateTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezoneID: TFBTimeZoneID); overload;
379 procedure GetAsDateTime(var aDateTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezone: AnsiString); overload;
380 procedure GetAsTime(var aTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezoneID: TFBTimeZoneID; OnDate: TDateTime); overload;
381 procedure GetAsTime(var aTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezone: AnsiString; OnDate: TDateTime); overload;
382 function GetAsUTCDateTime: TDateTime;
383 function GetAsBCD: tBCD;
385 10. New ISQLParam API Calls
386 procedure GetAsDateTime(var aDateTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezoneID: TFBTimeZoneID); overload;
387 procedure GetAsDateTime(var aDateTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezone: AnsiString); overload;
388 procedure GetAsTime(var aTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezoneID: TFBTimeZoneID; OnDate: TDateTime); overload;
389 procedure GetAsTime(var aTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezone: AnsiString; OnDate: TDateTime); overload;
390 function GetAsUTCDateTime: TDateTime;
391 function GetAsBCD: tBCD;
392 function GetStatement: IStatement;
393 function GetTransaction: ITransaction;
394 procedure SetAsTime(aValue: TDateTime; OnDate: TDateTime; aTimeZoneID: TFBTimeZoneID); overload;
395 procedure SetAsTime(aValue: TDateTime; OnDate: TDateTime; aTimeZone: AnsiString); overload;
396 procedure SetAsDateTime(aValue: TDateTime; aTimeZoneID: TFBTimeZoneID); overload;
397 procedure SetAsDateTime(aValue: TDateTime; aTimeZone: AnsiString); overload;
398 procedure SetAsUTCDateTime(aUTCTime: TDateTime);
399 procedure SetAsBcd(aValue: tBCD);
401 11. New IArray API Calls
402 procedure GetAsDateTime(index: array of integer; var aDateTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezoneID: TFBTimeZoneID); overload;
403 procedure GetAsDateTime(index: array of integer; var aDateTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezone: AnsiString); overload;
404 procedure GetAsTime(index: array of integer; var aTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezoneID: TFBTimeZoneID; OnDate: TDateTime); overload;
405 procedure GetAsTime(index: array of integer; var aTime: TDateTime; var dstOffset: smallint; var aTimezone: AnsiString; OnDate: TDateTime); overload;
406 function GetAsUTCDateTime(index: array of integer): TDateTime;
407 procedure SetAsDateTime(index: array of integer; aValue: TDateTime; aTimeZoneID: TFBTimeZoneID); overload;
408 procedure SetAsDateTime(index: array of integer; aValue: TDateTime; aTimeZone: AnsiString); overload;
409 procedure SetAsTime(index: array of integer; aValue: TDateTime; OnDate: TDateTime; aTimeZoneID: TFBTimeZoneID); overload;
410 procedure SetAsTime(index: array of integer; aValue: TDateTime; OnDate: TDateTime; aTimeZone: AnsiString); overload;
412 12. Utility functions in IBUtils
413 function ParseDateTimeTZString(aDateTimeStr: Ansistring; var aDateTime: TDateTime;
414 var aTimezone: AnsiString; aFormatSettings: TFormatSettings; TimeOnly: boolean=false): boolean;
415 procedure FBDecodeTime(aTime: TDateTime; var Hour, Minute, Second: word; var DeciMillisecond: cardinal);
416 function FBEncodeTime(Hour, Minute, Second, DeciMillisecond: cardinal): TDateTime;
417 function FBFormatDateTime(fmt: AnsiString; aDateTime: TDateTime): AnsiString;
418 function FormatTimeZoneOffset(EffectiveTimeOffsetMins: integer): AnsiString;
419 function DecodeTimeZoneOffset(TZOffset: AnsiString; var dstOffset: integer): boolean;
421 13. IDPB, ITPB and ISPB: new interface method
422 function AddByTypeName(ParamTypeName: AnsiString): IDPBItem/ITPBItem/ISPBItem;
423 This is used to add a parameter block item by the string equivalent of its
424 symbolic type name. e.g. DPB.AddByTypeName('isc_dpb_user_name').AsString := '...'
426 14. IDPBItem/ITPBItem/ISPBItem: new interface method:
427 function getParamTypeName: AnsiString;
429 15. fb_shutdown now called before unloading Firebird library. This can avoid a
430 SIGEVENT error when a programme using the embeded server is unloaded.
432 FBINTF Change Log version (1.1-6 Build 12237) Tue, 21 Jul 2020 08:54:21 +0100
434 1. GetImplementationVersion now correctly returns '3.0' for Firebird 3 API
435 with a Firebrid 3 client library.
437 2. Linux Only: FIREBIRD environment variable is now checked when loading the client library.
438 If a client library path is not explicitly provided and the FIREBIRD environment
439 variable is set then the directory given by this variable and any 'lib' subdirectory
440 are searched for the Firebird client library. Only if none is found, is the default
441 client library used.
443 3. IUtil.FormatStatus now used to format error messages when using new API
445 4. Fixed Array SDL: array_desc_scale now correctly encoded as a signed integer.
447 5. SQL_TEXT handling changed. When the value of an SQL_TEXT (i.e. fixed width string) column is
448 returned using GetAsString and the string codepage is UTF8, the string is truncated so
449 that the byte length corresponds to the number of characters specified for the column.
450 SQL_TEXT strings are no longer automatically trimmed to remove all trailing white space. This is
451 correct behaviour but may affect some implementations that relied upon automatic
452 trimming of trailing white space.
454 6. New IFirebirdAPI Calls:
455 function GetClientMajor: integer;
456 function GetClientMinor: integer;
458 7. IColumnMetaData and IArrayMetaData: new method
459 function GetCharSetWidth: integer;
461 FBINTF Change Log version (1.1-5 Build 12022) Fri, 17 Apr 2020 10:35:55 +0100
463 1. ISQLParams.GetHasCaseSensitiveParams added. Returns true if param names are
464 case sensitive
466 2. Single line SQL comments starting with '--' are now recognised by SQL Parser.
468 3. New API Calls:
469 IColumnMetaData.GetStatement
470 IColumnMetaData.GetTransaction
471 ISQLData.GetStrDataLength
472 IResults.GetStatement
473 IAttachment.OpenBlob (using Blob metadata)
474 IAttachment.OpenArray (using array metadata)
476 4. FBMessages: removal of unused messages
478 5. TFBArray.Create (2nd case): ensure that FFirebirdClientAPI is correctly set.
480 6. TIBSQLStatementType: SQLSavePoint added to end of enumeration.
482 FBINTF Change Log version (1.1-4 Build 11515) Fri, 28 Dec 2018 10:04:19 +0000
484 1. Fix a problem with the SQL parameter parser that failed to recognise parameters
485 where the second character of the parameter name is a numeric.
487 2. New method for IAttachment: procedure getFBVersion(version: TStrings);
488 This returns the isc_version connection information as one or more lines.
489 This is the same information as returned by isql with the -z option.
491 3. If -dFIREBIRD3APIONLY is used as a compiler option then the legacy Firebird API
492 is no longer compiled in. Likewise, if -dLEGACYFIREBIRDAPIONLY is used as a
493 compiler option then the Firebird 3 API is no longer compiled in.
495 4. IColumnMetaData: new method.
497 TIBDateTimeFormats = (dfTimestamp, {SQL TIMESTAMP}
498 dfDateTime, {SQL DATETIME}
499 dfTime);
501 function GetDateTimeStrLength(DateTimeFormat: TIBDateTimeFormats): integer;
503 This returns the max. number of characters returned by the "AsString" method
504 when the SQL type of the column is respectively TIMESTAMP, DATETIME or TIME.
506 5. Additional argument for IAttachment.PrepareWithNamedParameters -
507 CaseSensitiveParams: boolean = false
509 If this argument is set to true then SQL parameter names are assumed to be case
510 sensitive and must be referenced (using ISQLParams.ByName) using the case
511 sensitive name.
513 6. Bug fix: when setting a query parameter, it is now possible, when the parameter
514 is of type VarChar or Char to set the parameter to a numeric value (e.g. using
515 .AsCurrency) and then subsequently to update the value to a non-numeric string
516 using .AsString.
520 FBINTF Change Log version (1.1-3) Wed, 05 Dec 2018 14:28:10 +0000
522 1. DARWIN only syntax error: fix missing semi-colon in TFBClientAPI.LoadIBLibrary
524 2. Restrict IsMultiThread check to Unix only for compatibility with
527 3. New SQL Tokeniser added to IBUtils. This is used to pre-process SQL with
528 named parameters and is intended to avoid problems with (e.g.) Execute Block
529 and processing internal parameters as statement parameters.
531 4. New interface IFirebirdLibrary provides access to the underlying firebird DLL
532 or shared object. Available via a new member (GetFBLibrary) of IFirebirdAPI.
534 5. New function added to IB.pas
536 function LoadFBLibrary(aLibPathName: string): IFirebirdLibrary
538 This allows a Firebird Library to be loaded from an explicit path. use the
539 IFirebirdLibrary.GetFirebirdAPI member function to get the Firebird API using
540 the library. It is possible to load Firebird libraries from different locations
541 simultaneously, each with a distinct IFirebirdAPI.
543 FBINTF Change Log version (1.1-2) Mon, 16 Apr 2018 09:30:32 +0100
545 1. Firebird.pas: {$OBJECTCHECKS OFF} added to file to avoid runtime error when
546 program compiled with -CR command line switch.
548 2. IServiceManager additions (informational):
549 function getProtocol: TProtocol;
550 function getPortNo: AnsiString;
552 3. IServiceManager improved error handling. Interfaces changed:
553 function Start(Request: ISRB; RaiseExceptionOnError: boolean=true): boolean;
554 function Query(SQPB: ISQPB; Request: ISRB; RaiseExceptionOnError: boolean=true) :IServiceQueryResults; overload;
555 function Query(Request: ISRB; RaiseExceptionOnError: boolean=true) :IServiceQueryResults; overload;
557 4. IAttachment addition (informational)
558 function GetSecurityDatabase: AnsiString;
560 5. IStatement: performance counters now updated after each Fetch. GetPerfStatistics
561 thus now returns accumulated stats for a select statement from opening a cursor
562 up to the last fetch.
564 6. DARWIN: bug fix. Many thanks to Luigi Naimi for correcting
565 the problem.
567 7. Type change: "TPerfCounters = array[TPerfStats] of Int64". Note "Int64"
568 replaces deprecated "comp" type.
570 10. Testsuite Test10 updated to include thread synchronisation for event reporting.
572 11. URL Connection Strings: inet4 and inet6 now recognised.
574 12. IBUtils: Parse and Make Connect String now recognise URL style loopback syntax.
576 13. IAttachment.CharSetName2CharSetID is now performed case insensitive.
579 FBINTF Change Log version (1.1-1) Tue, 27 Feb 2018 16:51:16 +0000
581 1. IBUtils.QuoteIdentifierIfNeeded: Add check for space character.
583 2. IAttachment: add two new methods
584 function HasDefaultCharSet: boolean;
585 function GetDefaultCharSetID: integer;
587 These return, respectively, true if a connection default character set was
588 specified and the character set id of the connection default character set.
589 The DefaultCharSetID is cached when the connection is opened and hence does not
590 require a database lookup.
592 3. Avoid exception when a text blob is a stored procedure parameter.
594 4. Update test suite to include a test for a stored proc returning a text blob.
596 5. IAttachment: add
597 function GetRemoteProtocol: AnsiString;
598 function GetODSMajorVersion: integer;
599 function GetODSMinorVersion: integer;
600 function GetAuthenticationMethod: AnsiString;
602 These results are cached when the connection is opened and hence do not
603 require a database lookup.
605 6. IAttachment: add "function GetConnectString: AnsiString;" This returns the
606 connect string used to create/connect to the database.
608 7. IAttachment: Create Database using SQL statement. The username and password
609 are now extracted and used to populate a DPB made available via IAttachment.getDPB.
610 It is now possible to use IAttachment disconnect/connect to reconnect to
611 a database for which the initial connection was established by a create
612 database sql statement. Available in FPC only.
614 8. Update Test 1 to test 5, 6 and 7 above.
616 9. IBUtils code tidy up.
618 10. Parameter Block interfaces "find" method. As documented, this should have
619 returned a nil interface when the item could not be found. Instead, an empty
620 interface item was returned. "Find" now works as documented and will return
621 a nil interface if the item cannot be found.
623 11. DBInformation: support added for isc_info_active_tran_count and isc_info_creation_date.
625 12. DBInformation: New interfaces: IDIRB and IDIRBItem added to support DB Information
626 requests with additional parameters. This is to enable support for fb_info_page_contents
627 (return of page contents). Response to fb_info_page_contents returned as
628 a string with code page CP_NONE.
630 13. DBInformation: Support for fb_info_pages_used and fb_info_pages_free added, plus
631 test suite updated.
633 14. DBInformation: Support for fb_info_crypt_key (Firebird 3.0.3 onwards) added as
634 a string type, and fb_info_conn_flags (Firebird 3.0.3 onwards) added as an integer type.
636 15. Service Manager: List of protocols supported expanded to include inet, wnet and xnet.
637 An overloaded version of IIFirebirdAPI.GetServiceManager also allows a non
638 default connection port to be specified.
640 FBINTF Change Log version (1.1-0) Sun, 07 Jan 2018 15:20:02 +0000
642 1. Fix issues with setting SQL Param values using SetAsString with Numeric types.
643 Scale is no longer ignored.
645 2. Fix issues with setting SQL Param values using SetAsString with Date values
646 not in locale format but which are recognised by Firebird. Date values that
647 cannot be converted to a string using Pascal library are now passed through
648 to Firebird as Text Strings.
650 3. Lookup character set name by codepage amended to ensure that CP_UTF8 returns
651 UTF8 and not UNICODE_FSS.
653 4. Charset ID problem. When using Firebird 3, with no default database character set
654 and a column has a non-default collation specified, an incorrect character set
655 id was being reported that could result in a 'division by zero' error when
656 used by IBX. This has now been fixed.
658 5. Move GetCharsetName, CharSetID2CodePage, CodePage2CharSetID, CharSetName2CharSetID,
659 CharSetWidth from IFirebirdAPI to IAttachment. This is a better data model as
660 the character sets supported can be updated on a per database basis. That is
661 it is possible to add a (Firebird) user defined character set to a database.
663 6. Add RegisterCharSet to IAttachment. This is used to register a user defined character
664 set supported by Firebird with the API.
666 7. Add missing isc_info_db_read_only to list of decoded Database Information items
667 in FBOutputBlock.pas and update test suite to include this item.
669 8. FB30Client: avoid always using "StartMultiple" when only a single database attachment.
671 9. Loading Windows fbclient.dll: when using the FIREBIRD variable to locate the client
672 library or finding it by disk location, the PATH environment variable is now also set to
673 include the FIREBIRD directory. This is to ensure that the correct dlls in the
674 firebird client library dependencies are loaded.
676 10. Testsuite: Ensure consistent UTF-8 output on Windows console.
678 11. Testsuite: Update Windows script to include FPC 3.0.4 in search path.
680 12. FB30Statement: Protect call to "Move" and avoid calling with a nil pointer
682 13. FB30Statement: A check has been added to ensure that all SQL Parameters
683 have been given a value (including NULL). Previously, failing to set the
684 value of an SQL Parameter could give rise to unpredictable results or
685 an SQLDA error.
687 14. FB30Statement/FB25Statement: Set SQLParam "modified" when string value set.
689 15. FBAttachment: Avoid string reference count error when processing an Ansistring
690 parameter in an array of const passed to IAttachment.OpenCursor, etc.
692 16. FBAttachment: Allow for WideString and UnicodeString parameters in an array
693 of const passed to IAttachment.OpenCursor, etc.
696 FBINTF Change Log version (1.0-2) Sat, 04 Mar 2017 14:43:56 +0000
698 1. Change syntax to Mode Delphi
700 2. Change all uses of string type to explicit AnsiString in order to ensure
701 compatibility between Delphi and FPC.
703 3. Various syntax changes to ensure Delphi and FPC compilation including GUIDs
704 defined for each interface.
706 4. Generics syntax variations for Delphi added
708 5. PChar replaced with PByte expect where an actual string is being referenced,
709 where PAnsiChar is used instead.
711 6. Review of type definitions in IBExternals to ensure Delphi compatibility
713 7. Testsuite updated for Delphi
715 FBINTF Change Log version (1.0-1) Fri, 24 Feb 2017 12:17:57 +0000
717 1. Limit maximum Blob segment read/write to MaxuShort. Avoids data loss with
718 large blobs and the FB3 API.
720 2. Update Event Handling algorithm to avoid looping due to recreation of the
721 event block.
723 3. Avoid invalid XSQLDA error when the only parameter is updated to null
725 4. Array Handling: fix problem with text arrays with character set none. When the
726 DB connection has a default character set (e.g. UTF8), an error is raised by
727 Firebird if the space allocated is not enough to allow for transliteration, even
728 though it is not required for character set none.
730 5. IBUtils: List of reserved words brought up-to-date
732 6. Add ISQL style performance statistics collection to IStatement
734 7. Add IFirebirdAPI.CreateDatabase variant to allow execution of user provided
735 CREATE DATABASE statement.
737 8. Update SQL Statement parsing to allow for Array Dimensions. That is so that the ':' in
738 an array dimension is not mistaken for a named parameter prefix.
740 9. Trim function no longer applied to result of GetAsString for SQL_TEXT
741 when Character set is octets. Avoids loss of non printable characters at start of string.
743 10. Add function GetPerfStatistics to IStatement. This returns ISQL like performance
744 statistics for the last action. Requires use of procedure IStatement.EnableStatistics
745 to enable stats gathering.
747 11. API Version information added as constants to IB.pas
749 12. BlobMetaData character set id should now be the same as that given by IColumnMetaData.GetCharSetID
751 13. Firebird Character set "NONE" now interpreted as codepage CP_ACP.
753 FBINTF Change Log version (1.0-0) Tue, 06 Dec 2016 10:33:47 +0000
755 1. Initial Release